What available jobs and new skills are needed under a COVID Economy

What available jobs and new skills are needed under a COVID Economy

Times are tough, and it may get even tougher. In the last 5 weeks the US economy has seen a staggering 26 million file for unemployment. To put that in perspective, in the last decade 22 million jobs have been created in the US alone. Progress wiped out within weeks.

When restrictions eventually open up, normality will not be the same. Society will most likely still be wearing masks, social distancing will still be practiced while we work our hardest to test everyone so we can track and contain the virus.

But what would this new economy look like? What skills should we be preparing for when opportunities arise? What skills do you have right now, that can be used with this new climate? Let’s dive into the sectors that we may expect growth.

Now we are no experts, but from our homework we came up with this.

Essential Jobs:

Jobs for essential workers range from medical to supply chain. While some of us might have taken these jobs for granted, they are now in need. For the economy to run, it’s up to these people to make it happen. Being unemployed is tough, but you do have this opportunity. It’s the new way of “joining the army” when at war. Take this in pride. Having this option allows you to know, if things get tough, you are there to help.

Now this could be a dangerous job depending on the work’s circumstances. Then again, the people who would be doing this work are our heroes. If you have no experience with medicine, you may be more suited for supply chain work. These types of jobs range from business experience to on the job learning with physical packaging. Amazon is overwhelmed with the amount of usage that is occurring under this crisis. And are seeking to hire more workers.

Government COVID response jobs:

Americorps and Peace Corps to name a few, is now being considered to be used as a response. More recently a call for experts from the Peace Corps. The US Government has for years funded organizations for community development whether in different countries or in the US. If you have experience in this field, you may be qualified. Expect other countries to do similar type approaches for calling on response workers.

Design & Product Development

We might have seen a slow down with tech companies hiring, but don’t expect that to last. Everywhere around the world people are home, and are using electronic devices more than ever. With more usage means additional spending on tech products/services. People aren’t spending on flights right now. They are not going to a restaurant once a day. Expect Tech companies to make necessary adjustments and begin hiring again.

This is a time to begin learning design or UX/UI skills. You can in fact take free courses online via Youtube, and learn how to use designing software programs. For free, we recommend trying out Figma as many tech companies and designers use it globally. Once you feel comfortable with the work you have learned, showcase it via a website or personal collection, so you can show it to hirees. Tech companies need people with these skills.


It’s never too late to begin learning the basics of coding, especially if you already have some product management experience. If you are a UX/UI designer, showing that you also have some coding skills is attractive. It shows that you can better understand programmers when you work with them. Often, training programs to become a junior developer involves extensive 3 months of coding education, if you have the time and stamina, you could pull it off. You will need self-motivation to do it on your own, but there are paid courses online that credits you with a “diploma” to use for when looking for work. But then again, Google search will find you what’s available. Tech companies need coders, expect more jobs from ths.

Sales & Marketing

A marketing job from Apple B’s restaurant probably is not going to be available. But with the public spending more on their computer, deliveries of products are being shipped directly to their homes. Companies who sell online, may expect an uptick of orders. As people are spending less time going to physical stores ordering online has expanded. Thus, to reach these people there will be an increase of the people who do just that. This means sales and marketing skills will be needed. If you are new to marketing and sales. Again there are videos to watch on Youtube. Life is sales, try to show in your resume work you did that used that skill. And if you have some marketing experience even better.

CryptoTask supports hirees and freelancers alike by connecting them via our application. We are here to help the economy, to allow hirees to showcase needed jobs, while the world continues it’s recovery.

What is Cryptotask.org?

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