how to find 100x altcoins in this market

How to find 10x 100x or even 1000x crypto tokens

Here is my concise list on how to find high performing Altcoins in this current and future markets:




Narrow down the field

Check on Coin Gecko or Coinmarketcap to find a market cap between 500,000 to 10,000,000

Do they have a Low Maximum Supply

Is the 24hr volume 10-50% of total market cap

If they listed on major centralised exchange, the biggest gains are possibly over. 

Does it have a good trust score of listed exchanges

Avoid coins only trading on one dodgy exchange


DEFI Checks

Is it listed on Defy Station or BSCScan

Are they Audited by a good auditing company?

Do they offer Insurance?

Is it Deflationary? Or Low inflationary

Is it Listed as potential rug pull?

TVL score showing that there is more locked in the platform than the Market Cap suggest that it is undervalued

Staking Rewards - high annual rewards, low price


Secondary Checks

What is the Market Cap of competitors. e.g. paypal 280bn divided by 1bn MarCap means possible 280x gain

Can you see the 10x or 100x value being reasonable… under $1-5B

Active addresses vs total addresses. Low ratio less desirable… less whales. 

Distribution of addresses… e.g. any wallets with more than 10%

Is it a tier 1 protocol? This is great

Tier 2? Still pretty good

Tier 3? OK

Tier 4? Not so great for long term. 



Is there a Good team & verifiable they are who they say they are

Are there Good investors

Does it have a Good Website

Does it have a fundamental understandable use?

Is there a Uniqueness to it?

Are there lots of Competitors doing the same thing?

Whitepaper checks: 

  • Protocol consensus method
  • Technology stack
  • Interoperability of protocol, 
  • Scalability of network, 
  • Use cases

How does the Project roadmap look? Realistic?

Major releases coming out? e.g. Main net releases

Do your Technical analysis on whether it is a good entry point


Social & Community

Is there Positive buzz (Coin Gecko)

Check blogs and Twitter and community for regular updates

How active is the community (coin gecko) & telegram

Active team on Social Media



Other way to find:

Coin Gecko Discover section to find good sentiment

Token Sales

Token Sniffer

Recently Added Coins on Coin Gecko



Dollar cost average each entry into an alt coin as you may not be able to predict dips and peaks accurately at this volatile stage. 

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Vagrant Crypto
Vagrant Crypto

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Insurace DeFi TVL and portfolio insurance
Insurace DeFi TVL and portfolio insurance

Innovative DeFi insurance protocol InsurAce ( has announced the launch of its mainnet protocol on Monday 26th April 2021 following the success of its testnet 2.0 launched earlier in the month and an audit from SlowMist, which identified the smart contracts to be “Low Risk”. InsurAce is a decentralized insurance protocol, aiming to provide reliable, robust, and carefree DeFi insurance services to DeFi users, with very low premiums and sustainable investment returns.

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