How To Double Your YouTube Video Views Without Effort And Earn LBRY Credits
Odysee best alternative to YouTube

How To Double Your YouTube Video Views Without Effort And Earn LBRY Credits

By PaidPoints Dot Com | | 10 Jul 2021

In this post, I want to show you a way that you can double your YouTube videos easily without much effort. 

Although there are many other platforms like YouTube and almost as popular as it is. There is a particular video platform similar to YouTube and very popular too which allows you to sync your YouTube channel to your account on the platform. This platform is called Odysee

Odysee home page

After you have synced your YouTube channel to it, all your videos you have already uploaded will be imported to it, and you will start generating views instantly on the platform, as it is already very popular. 

The website currently has an Alexa ranking of 2,316 which is very high. You also earn LBRY credits for using this website. You get credited with 0.2 LBRY Credits which is immediately spendable just for verifying your email. 

It does also have a wallet where you can send and receive transactions. I do think this website is worth checking out if you do have a YouTube channel with videos and looking for more exposure. 

Thanks for reading. 

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