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By Goldiablo | Inspirational Writing | 4 Dec 2020

Fri December 4, 2020

Hello Guys! I wrote the original post in my other blogging account. This is the first time I'm writing here so as of now I would like to republish what I already composed. However, I'm telling everyone that I'm not a seasoned writer, I'm quite new, a month age writer, a newbie although I'm finished with my degree I still need to practice. You know, it's quite fun doing something you like to do. I like writing anything as long as I get the inspiration to do it.


What is Martial Peak?

I would like to introduce my best favorite novel today. The Martial Peak and was written by the author Momo. It was a Chinese Novel translated to English by the Divine Dao Library. The daily update was shared every 00:00 Am and 12:00 Pm every day, so there are at least 12 to 13 translated chapters coming in that given time.



"The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary, and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to becoming the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martial world."

This Martial Peak was spotted in the top 10 of China’s most read phone novels. With over 50 million views, it topped the June charts in 2014. Also, it remains one of the most read online phone novels even until today. There is more, as of July 2015, it still stayed in the top charts.




"Beyond the heavens is another heaven, beyond martial expert, is another expert, martial arts are eternal, there is no peak in martial arts."

Yang Kai strived hard to reach the Martial Dao, it means to become an expert. His journey was exciting at the same time dangerous as the road he walks toward was full of enemies of stronger masters where the temperament varies from friendly to ruthless, bullies, and self-centered characters.

In most of the hardest fights Yang Kai encounter, he was the lowest in cultivation but despite this and his young age, he cannot be judge by his physical appearance. The one who bullies him and taking him lightly are being killed at the end of the fight. You will love this scene but there's a lot of this once you started reading.

"Yang Kai was just a trial disciple of High Heaven Pavillion. He was unable to cultivate and his status was that of a servant in the sect until he met with a fortuitous encounter that changed his destiny. This induced him to move towards the peak of Martial Arts, which seemed to be at an eternal distance from mortals."

Yang Kai's character was full of twists until it was exposed. At first, he was bullied because his fellow disciple thinks he was alone and do not have a family background. Later on it, he was discovered to be one of the young masters of a great family in the central capital. There is a tradition in the Yang family that needs to be followed by every young generation. They need to be out for a journey, hide their background, and need to survive without the help of their family for 9 years.



"He looked frail and weak during his teenage years. Later, as he cultivated, his temperament and appearance became more calm and composed."

Yang Kai's journey was full of luck. He often encounters a mysterious world and obtains different treasures that later on became his auxiliary during a great fight. These things include martial skills, cultivation pills, weapons, and artifacts that help him a lot to win against the strongest enemies or helping his friend and families.



"Neither arrogant nor servile, Yang Kai has a calm, shrewd, and confident personality. He is notable for his ruthlessness toward his enemies, which greatly contrasts with his loving, caring, and generous affection for his allies, family, and friends."

Yang Kai never underestimated every opponent he encounters. However, if some of his enemies expose killing intent towards him, Yang Kai will not let it go instead strive to cut down that opponent in the most brutal manner such as burning them with his yuan qi, cutting there head scattering their body to the ground or annihilating their soul and feed them to his cultivated devouring insects. Although somehow he also needs to flee to the most dangerous enemy that is truly real masters he can't defeat.



Some of Yang Kai's skills obtain because of his high aptitude. He's a genius in comprehending the knowledge he attains from various opportunities and obstacles he encountered. Yang Kai dao of space is my favorite skill he manages to master. Dao of space can leap from the current distance to 1000 kilometers away if he needs to escape from dangerous opponents. Later on, Yang Kai was able to level up this skill and develop a spaced blade that could cut down opponents easily. This space blade is undetectable most of the time since this has belonged to space the invincible energy that only Yang Kai discerned.



"Yang Kai was a trial disciple in High Heaven Pavilion and the ninth Young Master of the Yang Family, one of the Eight Great Families of nine continents. One day, he fortuitously obtained a Black Book, which turned out to contain the legacy of the Great Demon God. This fixed his genetic defect and allowed him to finally practice Martial Arts, where he subsequently excelled."

"Later, during a cave trip, he obtained an Ancestral Dragon Source, which would start him on the path to becoming a true Divine Spirit."

"Quickly becoming Heaven-defying, Yang Kai continues to pursue the peak of Martial Arts."

Yang Kai during his youth in high heaven pavilion live a miserable life. He can't buy much food because of his low contribution points. To ease his hunger he runs to the mountains to collect some herbs and find some food to fill his stomach. However, this misery turns into an opportunity where he receives his Golden Skeleton hidden inside from wordless Blackbook.


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