Innovation Beats Hype - 3 New Crypto Projects With Value Behind Them

By Giorgi Mikhelidze | InsideTrade | 2 Nov 2021

The age of crypto hype beasts has just started, headed by popular tokens like SHIBA and the undying DOGE. What started as a joke has really gained some traction over the years thanks to the involvement of celebrities, millions of people, and some very handy coincidences like the Gamestop short squeeze.

However, the hype is not nearly as effective anymore, considering that devs tend to struggle with answering key questions about the long-term potential of their projects. This was quickly picked up by savvy entrepreneurs in the crypto sphere and are now prioritizing value over hype, but still catering to both ends of the spectrum.

Below, you can find 3 new projects that are trying to bring something new to the crypto community, and make it more than just a digital hobby that you struggle to explain to your parents.

These projects are the following:

  • Stadium.Finance - Ape & Pepe’s glorious battle for dominance
  • Landshare - An innovative approach to real estate investing with crypto
  • Bitclout - Actual repercussions for being a fan of somebody

Stadium.Finance - A Smart Contract-based Battle Of The Ages

The Apes vs Pepes project was created by Stadium.Finance is a very innovative approach to community building in the crypto sphere, as well as giving purpose to the coin. The devs are prioritizing fun in this case, providing a sense of “belonging” to each team as they go head-to-head every 8 hours to determine a winner.

Aimed at crypto hype beasts and community seekers alike, Apes vs Pepes is a fully-fledged story, pitting two very popular memes against each other to battle for dominance. The project is built on the BSC system, with BNB as its underlying asset.

Here’s how it works:

  • For 8 hours a day, Ape and Pepe teams work on increasing the price of their tokens
  • This is done by directing 5% of transaction fees in the teams’ “treasuries”
  • At the end of the 8 hours, these treasuries are staked against each other to determine the winner
  • The winner is chosen by how many more underlying assets the treasury has had since the last battle
  • The loser’s treasury is then used to buy the winner’s tokens
  • The winner’s treasury is burned to promote further growth

The project seemingly has no rules. A big group of Apes can potentially gather together and plot a quick steal at the end of those 8 hours to quickly pump the price by buying a whole bunch. This promotes strategizing, espionage in the other team’s groups, tactics, and most importantly, constant communication within the community groups.

There are big plans ahead to build the project even further, like laying down actual infrastructure for leadership and communication. The first battle happens on November 2nd, which is a pretty good opportunity to get in early and help out your team.

Landshare - Pushing Crypto Into Real Estate

Released in 2021, Landshare has already been featured on many different crypto media outlets, promoting its project as the future of Real Estate investments.

The way it works is it encourages smart decisions for real estate investors, be they large or small ones. The idea is to either take part in a flipping project to get the most rewards or create an additional source of passive income by connecting it to their rented units.

Some say that this is a great way to direct young crypto investors to safer investment opportunities in the real estate sector as well as keep the market going.

But nevertheless, it’s an innovative project directly connected to something physical which makes its value soar compared to other non-tangible tokens.

Bitclout - Feel The Burn of Celebrity Controversies

Bitclout is a unique approach to being a fan of somebody. The project tries to directly connect your investments with a celebrity’s behavior. If they do good, their coin pumps in price, if they get embroiled in controversy, then it slumps down.

It’s a pretty unique way to discourage people from being fans of toxic people and truly distance themselves from them by actually feeling the repercussions of this person’s actions.

Many times have we seen a truly bad influence person get even more popular because of their terrible actions. Bitclout aims to change that completely, by discouraging people from following them in the future.

The project is relatively new at this point, so the number of celebrities is limited, but as it grows, so will its list of people to follow.

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