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By InsidersCrypto | InsidersCrypto | 11 Jul 2019

Blockchain is a fascinating world and each day there's a new invention. Recently I can across a project called Netbox. This is one of the first decentralized blockchain which is backed by a browser. Yeah, you heard me right.

There are many browsers out there such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and so on but then none of these acts a node in a blockchain. Moreover, these commercial browsers tend to use our data in whatever manner they want.

Browser is something that connects us to the online world. Now imagine the scalability of Netbox platform if each one of us run this browser on our computer for day to day operation. This will present a truly decentralized arena around which revolves the core concept of blockchain. Netbox browser doesn't have the centralized infrastructure and all personal data belongs to us as it's stored in Netbox blockchain, unlike other commercial browsers where we do not have any control over our data.

An individual address is assigned to each browser which can be used to store your NBX coins. As each browser acts as a node, that means they play an important role in verifying the transaction on the network. Higher the number of nodes, stronger in the network.

So having said that, there are many ways one can earn NBX coin. The simplest and the easiest way is to download the browser and start using it. Your activity defines how much will be your earning along with the total browser that's running at any given point of time. In addition, you can also STAKE your NBX coins online and for those who need something more, you can run NBX MASTERNODE as well.

The project is in it's starting phase hence if you SIGNUP now, you receive 20NBX as joining bonus. In addition to this, they also have a lucrative referral system that you can take advantage of.

So, do not delay and click HERE to get started.

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