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By InsidersCrypto | InsidersCrypto | 1 Apr 2019

Cryptocurrencies combined with blockchain have a lot to offer when it comes to e-commerce. Many projects are already offering their coins/tokens as the primary payment plug-ins with existing hosted platforms.

Apart from the transactional fee charged by payment servers one of the biggest concerns for e-commerce has always been security and safety when it comes to online payments. This is overcome by the blockchain model which offer fast and secure transactions for any e-commerce business.

This also helps the company to promote a blockchain based platform where the users are given incentives to use cryptocurrency as a payment method and more.

One such emerging platform is "Aussie Digital" where the ecosystem is based around the digital token. The plan here is to have a platform just like some of the big players out there such as Amazon where people can sell and buy along with digital marketing tools and B2B trading platform.

Aussie Digital team hails from different parts of the world who bring in their expertise such as those from Digital Marketing, HR, Exporting, Trading Cryptocurrencies and so on. With such diversified knowledge, I guess we can expect some substantial platform/offerings/innovations.

There is a plan to offer a trading platform where the users will be able to Aussie Digital tokens and many other known Cryptocurrencies. This will act as one of the core function that this platform has to offer. The plan is to integrate this with the eco-system where the retailers will be able to accept all Cryptocurrencies as a payment option that are listed on the exchange. It will also offer real-time conversion which will definitely bring in some peace of mind to retailers.

Aussie's platform is designed to cater to every man's need. It's cost effective and is designed to help small businesses and new ones to set up things at the lowest fee.

Without rewards program nothing is complete. Hence, the more your shop on TRADEZY, the more you earn. Not only this you will also be paid referral bonus for introducing this platform to your family and friends.

If you love the social platform, there is a little surprise from you as well. With the introductions of "CHATEZY", now people can connect to each other. Be it for business or pleasure. This will help in growing your followers and boosting your sales and presence.

Lastly, there is something for all you Airdrop lovers. Aussie Digital is giving away 400,000,000 AUD coins. The process to claim coins is simple. Visit their website and complete easy social tasks. Once done submit your details to earn some AUD coins. That's about it.

Steps for Airdrop:

1. Visit Aussie Digital Website and Singup. Also, verify your email address.

2. Join their Telegram group.

3. Like their Facebook page.

4. Follow them on Twitter.

5. Follow them on LinkedIn.

6. Follow them on Medium.

7. Follow them on Instagram.

8. Subscribe to their Reddit page.

9. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.

10. Submit your details via Airdrop Form.

That's all for now. Thank you for your time and yeah "DO NOT MISS THE AIRDROP".


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