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Don’t use Faucets as a Source of Crypto Income

By JohnSickBoy | Inside_my_mind | 7 Feb 2021

Over the past few days, I have (out of curiosity) tried a crypto faucet to see how to obtain this “free crypto”. Faucets, are defined in the dictionary as a tap. In the cryptocurrency world, it is more of a pool that you can scoop some cryptocurrencies form. The one that I tried is

When you first enter the website it greets you with the bold word of “EARN FREE CRYPTOCURRENCIES” along with images representing the many cryptocurrencies they offer for free. It sounds very promising. Right?

After 3 days on the website, I have earnt 0.12USD. This was from completing many tasks varying from the daily sign-on, collecting free coins every 30 minutes and viewing advertisements (ranging form 15seconds to 45 seconds). I must have spent a collective of 2-3 hours on this website.
And, if that was not not already bad enough, they restrict the direct withdraw option to certain cryptocurrencies.. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Eutherium must be withdrawn through their partner.

I tried out this faucet more out of curiosity of how much can be earnt through one of the “free” faucets and my conclusion is simple. It is not worth anyone’s time. Your time is simple not worth 12 cents.

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