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Initial Look: JGN / Juggernaut

By The Otaku Investor | Initial Look | 9 Sep 2020

This is an initial look at the "new" currency Juggernaut. This article is simply to state facts about the currency and have an overall quick look. It's usually not the best idea to invest into any new ERC20 Tokens since there is no guarantee that it is legit. I do not promote any currencies nor do i want you to buy them. -絶死絶命

What is Juggernaut and what does it solve?

JGN’s synthetic ‘j’ tokens will enable users to create, customize and modularize their business use cases into DeFi synthetics.

With ‘j’tokens, users would be able to accept, allocate and distribute profits, pay commissions, dividends and much more using custom synthetics. These synthetics will also be able to be leveraged and used within the Ethereum ecosystem, for such purposes as trading or any one of the many others available on the blockchain. Users can add liquidity and offer their custom synths to the world to buy.

These custom synthetics (called Synths) will be available for trading on the JGN marketplace, a trading platform that allows anyone to access a wide variety of assets without a counterparty. Synths are backed by cryptoassets, which means they are decentralized  and liquidity is much easier because it doesn’t require a party to hold the underlying asset.

Future Ideas:

Social Media Advertising Payment System, Crowdfunded fleet management, Custom crowd-fund a project

Imagine if you could think of a business idea and add customized DeFi into its components. This is the JGN mission. The
JGN ‘j’ token series will offer unique synthetic derivatives for specific business use cases. jSKM will be the first in the series.
More business use cases are being explored and will be announced very soon.

JGN Stats and Market value:

Technology: ERC20

Total Token Supply: 150,000,000

Current Token holders: 399 (

Token Value: $0.178567 USD (0.00%)

Currently available on exchange: Uniswap(v2)

Token Distribution


- Uniswap, Balancer & DeXs before listing: 1%
- Private Sale: 4%
- Team & Advisors: 5%
- Strategic Ecosystem Building & Partnerships: 10%
- Foundation: 20%
- Yield Farming & Collateral System: 60%

Partnership with Skrumble Network

Together, we will help them to build The World’s First Unstoppable DeFi Commerce Infrastructure.


Current VPNs face one general problem. Most of them are subject to be banned or prohibited in certain countries, be it shortly after their release or a few years down the road. JGN hopes that by rewarding users with DeFi rewards, more will be willing to contribute and power the network.

How It Works

Users stake JGN for mining machines, while staking JGN for a designated time period is required to receive the DeFi bonus. Miners are light nodes, and background services provide standard mining pool services, and the mining pool completes the actual SKM deduction and reward distribution.

- When the reward is distributed, the reward enters the corresponding address of the terminal
- Users can access via mobile phone Wi-Fi to extract rewards.
- Users generate the decentralized VPN function and consume SKM tokens.
- The consumption rule of SKM tokens depends on the bandwidth and duration.
- VPN usage records are not stored.
- The VPN switch is realized by hardware.
- The terminal supports remote VPN address conversion.

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Initial Look
Initial Look

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