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Is the time machine invented?

As the time goes by, technology continuously becoming popular. As a matter of fact, every second, every minute, every hour, or every day, new things are discovered because of technology. We have different kind of gadgets that able to help us to make our work easier and avoid difficulties.

But what if there's an invention that newly discovered and it can make us back on the past and go on the near future? In short, we can travel on different time.

Time travel needs a lot of effort to create and invented. But based on my research, there is already a scientist who invented the time machine.

As stated on the research that I gathered;
"The Aryayek Time-Travelling Machine can allegedly take you forward eight years, so that you can see the marvelous life you will soon enjoy—or not."

Source: CNET

As stated above, it can take you eight years forward. That's a bright idea right? If this news is true, we can see the future and we can prepare ourselves on the possible chance that will happen. As what they said, " will enjoy soon or not" it means we can always change our future and choose the right path.

According to Today's Telegraph, "27-year old Ali Razeghi that his much needed  creation can take you eight years into the future. So that you can see what you look like after that surgery you so covet everyday."

Source: CNET

Imagine that the time machine is invented before the pandemic. We can prepare ourselves on its destruction and we can also prevent to spread it. I hope that someone is thinking what I've thought.

The Telegraph quoted him as explaining: "My invention easily fits into the size of a personal computer case and can predict details of the next five to eight years of the life of its users. It will not take you into the future—it will bring the future to you."

Source: CNET

We really need this invention becausw nowadays people are commiting wrong desicions but with the help of time machine, we can correct our mistakes on an easy way and avoid the regrets.

On additional, the Iranian Government was officially denied that this time travel machine is real. As ABC news report, Iran's deputy minister of science, research and technology, Mohammad Mehdinejad Nour, implied that this was all bunkum.

He said, "Such a claim has not been registered in Iran's State Organization for Registration for Strategic Inventions."

Source: CNET

So based on the statements above, is it existing or is it a hoax?

I think it is just a product of imagination. I believe that time machine is not yet invented because if it is already imvented, why people on the FUTURE didn't came here, now—on the PRESENT—to tell us that it is invented or something bad might happen. If it is not yet invented, maybe we just need to wait for its process because they said that the sciemtists are working for this and putting a lot and much effort so that we can gain benefits from this imvention.

What if Time Machine is invented?
If the Time Machine is invented, I will go on the past where the pandemic is not yet spreading. I will try to tell them that something might will happen on the future and it can destruct the country's economy and also the lives of many people. There's a lot of bad news and calamities happened in this year and I want to try if I can make it stop and help other people in destroying themselves.

Despite of what I've said, I don't even know if the people will hear my news and makes them believe because in this generation, many people has a "toxic traits" that thinking that they can stand on their own feet, trying to be independent but the truth is not. They always want to judge other people by their flaws and imperfections.

Otherwise, I will also try to go on the future so that I can see the possible happenings on it. I want to see how life works on the future, sad but possible that AI robots (Artificial intelligence robots) will replace human and can cause suffering of every human being because they don't have any work or job. I want the people on the past to makes them prepared on the possible life on the future.

Always try to choose the right decision because regrets are always at the end. Choose the one that you can benefit and at the same time, the other people. Remember that when you chose a decision and got the result, the peoples on your surroundings are also affected.

Question for you: If the time machine is invented, where do you want to go?

NOTE: I hope you enjoyed this article and learned sonething from me. This article has a sentence or lines that is copied on the internet because it is a quotation from people or written on the news. The sources of this articles are included.


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