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I joined on different blogging platforms where we can earn cryptocurrency by posting our articles. However, by writing for how many months, I'm still not satisfied on my writing skills so I tried to search on what are the possible things to consider to be a good writer and it gives me knowledge and do the same thing and it gives me a good result! Now, let me share you the things that you need to learn and consider if you want to become a good writer. This topic would be ironic because honestly, I’m not a good a writer but trying to become one. After reading a lot of articles about this topic, let me share you my thoughts and opinions to become a good writer.


  • Be frankly on your topic. I know that most of us become bored when we are reading article or any contents that has a lot of “segway” and statements that is not related on the topic, am I right? Now, as a writer we need to consider our main topic and don’t beat around the bush. Say what you want to say and state the important things not the nonsense things. Honestly, I am guilty about this because I often say a lot of things that not related on the topic for the sake of reading time. Well, we need to remember that quality is over quantity.

  • Know how to start and end the content. In my opinion, the first and end statement is one of the hardest parts because sometimes I don’t know how to start my content, “Shall I start on a question?” “How to end this?” these are questions on my mind and I’m having a hard time to make an introduction as well as conclusion. The only thing that I am doing is to start it on my opinion or any background on my topic and end it on a motivational and inspirational quote that will mark on the reader’s mind. Also, I am doing an outline before writing a new content, so I have a guide on what to write and how to start and end the content.

  • Research and explore new things. Before I start writing this content, I had a research first or deep understanding on my topic so I can deliver it correctly and systematically. When you had a research on your topic, you will not have a limited resource of things that you need to write and deepen your knowledge about the topic that you are writing.

  • Avoid using jargons. What is jargon? Jargon is a technical terminology and words that hard to understand, in short, they are deep words and terminologies. Imagine that you are reading an article that has a term “chlorofluorocarbon” now, did you get it? I bet that you are not unless you are a science teacher. However, you can still use jargon depends on the situation and if it is necessary. The main point is, let your readers understand your content easily.

  • Accept criticism and be open to feedback. Having this kind of characteristic will makes you a better (best) writer. If you learn how to accept the criticism, no one can drag you down. Always take it positively so you can enhance more of your skills and knowledge on a specific field. Also, you need to learn how to take other people’s opinion because not all the time is you are right, even me or someone else. No one is perfect after all.

  • Read more. I believe that this is one of the best ways to become a good writer. When we are reading, we are having an opportunity to adapt and learn more from the content that you have read. You are not only gain knowledge, but you are also enhancing your vocabulary. Also, when you read something that you think that haven’t an enough information, you can write your own content and put the things that you are looking for in that way, you are providing more and better service to the readers.

  • Write more. If we have reading, obviously we also have writing. As a writer, writing became part of our life and I am happy that it really helped me to enhance my writing skills and learn new things. I do believe that writing your own content can help you to become a good writer because it can serve as your practice in writing your own piece.


We have different characteristics, opinion, and way of writing so it is possible that we will have different perspective on this type of content. The only advice that I can give is don’t rush the things because everything has a process and, in that process, we will learn slowly and become the best of the best of ourselves. Always remember that “A good writer comes from a good reader”.


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Live in peace and private 🤞

Informative and interesting articles
Informative and interesting articles

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