Vitalik, Vitalik...Why?

By CryptoLovers | INFOCryptos | 12 May 2021

The founder of Ethereum sold his possessions of Shiba Inu which are equivalent to 50% of the existing total, donating a portion of the value to AntiCovid19 organizations.


The data from Etherscan speak for themselves, a Buterin wallet liquidated an immense amount of SHIBA INU causing a huge collapse in the price of the cryptocurrency.
In fact, the "Dogecoin killer" lost 30% within a few hours, creating widespread panic, despite having performed great in the last week.
Vitalik Buterin & SHIB
Vitalik Buterin was basically a whale that scared many holders. Although there is no direct relationship between Shiba and Vitalik, it owned 50% of the total tokens, this was done with the intention of securing the price and strengthening people's trust.




This move brought a huge Panic Sell, especially among newbies to the world of cryptocurrencies who, seeing the price decrease within a few hours, followed Vitalik's action by selling everything they had, only worsening the situation.
Vitalik claims to have acted in this way to lighten the Ethereum network, as it is very clogged due to the numerous transactions performed by all people recently.
India receives $ 1 billion in charity


Vitalik has decided to donate 1.1 billion dollars to an Indian Covid-19 relief fund.
In addition to Shiba, Vitalik did not spare himself and also sold the Akita Inu crypto and about forty billion Dogelon Mars tokens, so as not to miss anything!
The head of Ethereum also donated to a charity that works and studies ways to extend people's lives,
At the same time, Shiba’s anonymous founder remains quite angry and incredulous at Vitalik’s actions, saying he never expected it from him!


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