The Truth About Elon Musk's Targeted Dump

By CryptoLovers | INFOCryptos | 13 May 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back to the most viewed Horror series in the world… ah no I was wrong Blog, I meant welcome to a new Elon Musk Targeted Dump!


After all the mess created by the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik, who caused the price of Shiba Inu to drop by more than 50%, today we are here to talk about another very important event that has caused the price of Bitcoin to collapse by more than 10% in about ten minutes.




In the last year Elon Musk has been the protagonist, due to his great influence, of numerous situations that have made the prices of certain Cryptocurrencies or shares such as Dogecoin lose more than 10% of the shares of his company. Tesla, calling them "too expensive".



The media power of Elon Musk is so great that he is able to move billions of dollars in a very short time, deciding the fate of whatever he wants.




In the last period it seems that all this has become a game of speculation for him since in the last twitt he states that Bitcoin can no longer be used as a payment method for Tesla cars and all this is completely nonsense and I will also explain the why:


In your opinion, a person like Elon Musk, with hundreds and thousands of analysts and experts in anything, who study every possible risk or gain, did not know that Bitcoin, to be mined, needs a lot of energy and therefore pollution? Obviously Tesla like any other person were perfectly aware of the data relating to the pollution caused by Bitcoin mining, they knew it better than all of us put together.




So obviously this move was and is completely calculated and whoever says otherwise has blurred vision.


In the markets, especially in the less regulated ones such as cryptocurrency, everything is legal.


The only thing we can discuss is the moral aspect of fairness in the work.


As for the situation of Bitcoin, after breaking through an important triangle, now there are 3 possible scenarios:




I hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned!

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