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Unexpectedly, against all thoughts and possibilities, on Monday 10 May the famous exchange Binance announced the listing of shiba inu at 1:00 pm, causing the price to skyrocket up to $ 0.00005 !!!


Shiba inu is considered the cryptocurrency of the moment, thanks also to binance itself.



It is now known that binance is the springboard for any crypto as it brings a lot of visibility and therefore, consequently, many more people curious and willing to invest.
The value of Shiba inu in fact went from 0.000014 to 0.00005 within a few minutes if not seconds from its launch.


This is the second cryptocurrency meme to be listed on binance, second only after dogecoin.


On their site it is clearly written that shiba inu considers himself the dogecoin killer, therefore essentially the killer of the similar cryptocurrency dogecoin, backed by one of the richest men in the world, Elon Musk, who has repeatedly sponsored dogecoin on Twitter. 



Elon has recently announced that he will finance the SpaceX missile by paying in dogecoin, this has brought euphoria and in less than 5 minutes the price has shot up again, Dogecoin is Musk's Love and I believe he would never exchange it with shiba.
Shiba Inu is definitely the crypto everyone talks about so much that yesterday May 10 was the most searched word on the Google search engine, amazing how much media power this angry dog ​​had, as you can see from its logo.




Several American and non-American influencers are also embarking on a major sponsorship campaign that is driving up the price.


The question I ask myself is: is it just a bubble that must burst or is it really an opportunity to be seized given its little value? According to binance this is a very risky investment as we see below, as a single person owns 50% of the tokens and do you know who this person is? It is the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, so in a sense we can stay peaceful as it will not sell? We will find out only in time!



Cryptocurrencies remain a very volatile and risky asset, one day you are on Mars, the next day you are back down to Earth, and it is for this immense potential that I love this world!

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