Bonsoir friend! Here you can find general thoughs and some of the reasons that made me what I am. Have a good day!

Why universities are the perfect symbol of decadence in my country (Italy)

18 Apr 2020 6 minute read 4 comments CryptoGameTheory

Yesterday I graduated in economics and I don't give a f**k. When I've started my studies, I thought that universities are useless as they are. However, working without a contract, every day, for 5€/h made me decide to try to change my mind. After 5 y...

About independence and Support -WHAT- Part III

10 Apr 2020 6 minute read 0 comments CryptoGameTheory

                                                  If you can understand this image, you could understand the economy :) I think that I’ve chosen economics because I was not able to decide on a specific subject. In fact, the economy could be...

One way to independence: -HOW- Part II

10 Apr 2020 17 minute read 1 comment CryptoGameTheory

The world is a complicated place and is moving fast, sometimes leaving me the impression that it is constantly running away from my hands. Innovations in technologies are regularly spreading around the world and today keep track of all the news is be...

Are you independent? -WHY- Part I

10 Apr 2020 15 minute read 0 comments CryptoGameTheory

I don’t know why you are here, however, I do exactly know why I am here writing. Why? The main reason is that I wish to be independent.   Premise: This is a series of 3 articles that take inspiration from this video. The first one explains why I’m do...