Pssst Feel The Buzz? - Proof Of Payment
Pssst Feel The Buzz? - Proof Of Payment

By PajeeBear | incomeopportunity | 26 Feb 2020

I posted about this already. The post was all about introducing what it is.


You can click the above link and read more about it on previous post.

So since this is a very passive income. You get to earn little by little in small amount. And it's legit. So I am sharing with my little earnings on this passive venture. Below is my screenshot paid thru paypal.


If you are interested you can download the app here in Playstore or google store.

You can use my referral code. Only if you like to. LMAO.

Using the code would will earn you 2000 points too.



I'm a quality analyst who likes to play online strategic game and spends time earning crypto currency.


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