CENT.CO - An Incentive Driven Social Media Platform

CENT.CO - An Incentive Driven Social Media Platform

By PajeeBear | incomeopportunity | 7 Jun 2019

Who doesn't want to get paid by posting, comment and sorting comments?

I invite you to join me at cent.co , we call ourselves centians.

And if you do, I'd appreciate it very much if you follow me on my journey. @PajeeBear


I joined Cent.co platform last April 19 this year. And I have been ultimately satisfied by how this social media platform works.

When I started the site was just plain. There was no global chat and there was no option to direct message anybody. Everybody relies on comments, posts and replies. Every week there is an exciting new adaption and new updates. Today as of this writing the site already have the option for auto save draft for every content posted. There is now an option to put up profile information for every user. And what's great is that we can now create our own chat group and direct message anybody you like.

Cent has been nothing a but a great surprise to it's user.

In my few weeks of joining cent I already withdrawn few dollars. The Site incentive runs thru crytocurrency called ETHERIUM which is very easy to convert to Dollars and other crypto currency if you like to.

So how does one earn at Cent.co ???

Let me count the ways and Let me share the trics of the trades of the site.

There are 4 main ways to earn at Cent. Seeded

I. Seeded

How does it work?

- By posting relevant contents. Other folks might seed you if they find your post informative, original and good. Centians are allowed to post every 30 minutes without the need to put bounty (time-frame may have changed). Putting up bounty will give you privileged to post multiple content consecutively.

How Likely Will I earn from being Seeded ?

- There's no percentage equivalent on being seeded. This type of earning relies mainly on the community. Some folks get seeded by their content. Several other just because they're famous and many followers. Most of the folks will probably seed you for posting cent related topics.

II. Seeding Returns

How does it work?

- When seeding other Centians content you will have the chance of earning. I'd say chance because the main purpose of seeding is to appreciate the publisher's content.

How Likely Will I earn by seeding someone's content ?

- Getting returns from seeding someone is just an added bonus. But this bonus might be your bread and butter in some cases. The first one to seed the content will get 75% money back guarantee. So if you seed someone a $1.00, you will get back the $0.75 of the amount. Now the earnings will start as soon as someone else seeded the post as you will be getting a portion on those amount moving forward. If you have seeded a post for earning purposes you have to be critical in doing so. Centian like to compete on who seeds first. A great centian named @Piandex is always a contender in many ways.

III. Replies to Bounties Post

- Putting up bounty is very common to top leader-board folks. For the purpose of cultivating the community and getting replies and followers. The more followers you have at cent the better chance to become an influencer in the near future. Influencers are getting paid to promote certain product.

How does it work?

- Bounties have specific number of people who can receive. Example a centian post a bounty of $50.00 allotted for 20 people. This means 20 of those who replies to that content or provide good feedback will have the opportunity to received a portion of the said bountied amount.

How Likely Will I earn by getting the bounty ?

- Well this depends on the community. All Centians have the privileged to rate your comments on the bountied post. And we call it sorting. If your comment have the highest number of votes when sorted you will get a portion of the bounty amount.

III. Sorting

How does it work?

- This is the easiest way to earn money at cent. All you have to do is access the sorting page and click the contents available for sorting. You only have to rate the comments by selecting the one you know is better than the other.

How Likely Will I earn by sorting comments ?

- Every time you sort an article or content, you earn a certain amount of ETH. Usually equivalent to $0.01 just a small amount but when you sorted 50 contents a day that might get you $0.50 in total. Why did I say "might", well the earnings from sorting comments depend still on the bounty amount. The higher the bounty amount the better chance of getting bigger ETH value. Plus you can sort comments everyday which would mean you already have a sure way of earning @cent.

IV. Tip

How does it work?

- This happens sometimes and usually happens when somebody is conducting a survey and they like your answer.

How Likely Will I earn by getting tipped?

- Not everyday for sure. Happens once in while. Folks will probably give a tip of job well done when responding to his "RFC" or request for content.


I'm also attaching the reference link on resources for my withdrawal and proof of payment.



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