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That do i have invested in and how mutch have i got in $

By Manixxia | Income | 19 Apr 2020

Like I sade in my other post. Om new to when it comes to mining and invesment but i try to learn a long the way. 

So far i mining with my pc that have a GTX 1080 grafic card. I mine with betterhash. I realy like the program. Its was simple go get started and its easy to set what its going to mine. So far i have got 1.5 usd

I have done a long time invesment on my passive trade. I have done some reading and I have found good and bad thins about this site. So i decided to try it out. I have invested 70 $ and to far i have earned 3$. Slow but steady haha

I have a cool app that gives you sweat coin then you walk. The more you walk that more coins you get. So i have this app fore some time now and the problem was that i didnt have internet then i was in norway and wored. So i have less coins. I only have 374 coins now. I dont know the pice in dollar. 

I have joined a new currency that is not on the blockchain yet. Its called Pi network. Its had to put a number on something that are out on the market yet haha but i have got 865 Pi and I have "mined" this fore some time now

Fore last i have founed a fun little game called golden farm. You buy bireds and they lay eggs. You can sell those fore silver coins. I dont know why i like this kind of games but i do haha. I just started so i have like ≈0.01dollar

Its all I have fore now. I Will update this long the way. If you have any tips let me know :) 

PS: Stay safe, Stay at home and help the elders If they need to get fode och help to get the dog fore a walk. If we help each other we cane stop this corona virus. 

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New to blogging so be nice to me ;)


Here i will whrite what invesment i have done and how mutch i have got so far

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