Who am I? What skills have I developed on my journey?

By inalittlewhile | inalittlewhile | 2 Mar 2023

I began the road of #content #creation in Web2 back in 2015, putting my knowledge as an offshore angler to good use. Built my first affiliate fishing website and still keep it up to this day.


Then in late 2017, the growing adoption of $BTC caught my attention. With little funds to invest, I got straight to blogging on Steemit. When the Justin Sun takeover and hard fork occurred, I transitioned to #HIVE. My blog has slowed down in the last couple years. Lately, I've been getting back to it mostly on Leofinance.


After 2019, I started my efforts with #UMA. Brought in by their wide uTVL airdrop, I continued contributing and was a huge force in the creation of the SuperUMAn DAO. As the lead Ambassador on contract with Risk Labs, we launched several KPI Options contracts with various protocols.

What am I up to now? As I refine my Resume searching for my next role, I'm excited about Decentralized Social Media. Lens has come into full view. I believe that growing your personal network effects is the way of the future. Glad to be here and hyped to see content creators, developers, and artists of all sorts forging the Lens protocol.

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I'm an avid blogger on HIVE as well as on my own WordPress affilate website.


Exploring DeFi, Web3, and sharing alpha along the way

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