What Was Once A Fairy Tale


All I knew was

I knocked on a door one day

I saw someone, I felt some type of way

I did all the right things to make her stay

I became what I couldn't before

I became that everyday


I failed to keep my promise 

I died every time I remembered

I cried when she came into this world

I saw slivers of her in our little girl

I failed to save my wife

I have a daughter to protect now

I owe her my life

She's the epicenter of my worlddf0d60243445418e77f67baec3b4ce898c6a9ceee63b71e501764c12a67a2139.jpg

I'll love her forever, and keep keepsakes for our daughter. She is the cutest, spitting image of her mother. To be there for her, my honour.








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In The Life Of A Poetess
In The Life Of A Poetess

So I'll be posting my poems here. Some about me, some not. I'm an observant being and believe the lives we pass by touch us in ways we may not have noticed. So I call this my letters to the souls who made me take notice.

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