The Song That Leads Me To You

I think we have a song

The kind that races the pulses

The kind that causes arrhythmias

And curdles old blood


I think you are an anomaly

The sort that I don't know how to proceed

So I take measured steps, wade in, then out, take a breath

Return to safety


I think you're unlike 

That you're smarter than the last guy

And if I actually made a move

I wouldn't land on the ground


I think of many things

It's too soon to tell

Last time I made a play

The ball is in your court now, babya3f066a3d8d7f4cef6c3ec760224510918c4764e4e67d7d5d4b9c8bdb09ae95b.jpg



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Hey guys! I'm an amateur writer, here to learn, grow and make new friends. Please follow if you're a Harry Potter or GOT stan, or if you watch kdramas or basically any other series☺️

In The Life Of A Poetess
In The Life Of A Poetess

So I'll be posting my poems here. Some about me, some not. I'm an observant being and believe the lives we pass by touch us in ways we may not have noticed. So I call this my letters to the souls who made me take notice.

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