I shredded pieces of you to make pieces for me

To fill in my missing ones; didn't seem like you needed yours

You seem fine as the psychopath that you' are

No one to love, no notion of what's love

With only me for company; the girl who can't appease you sexually


But ours is a different sort of romance

We have other ways to express ourselves, don't we?

The mental battles as exhilarating as ecstasy

Lovemaking for competitors, an extreme sport


Who falls?

I break you or you damage what's left of my heart

I tear you, limb from limb, and dice into fleshy divisions your favourite organs

You can cut me again and again, but I warn you

That's way too many orgasms for a woman


And that's why we should never be left aside

Tossed around and burnt black

Cause this right here is the blackbeak stereo

I was made for you, my darkling

And that's all you need to know



This is a poem I wrote in reference to the new Shadow and Bone series on Netflix. Imagine for just a second, that Alina ran into the Heretic's arms instead of away. Now that would make for a very sexy and dark love story.





Can you guess what D.A.R.K. means? Tell me in the comments below.







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Hey guys! I'm an amateur writer, here to learn, grow and make new friends. Please follow if you're a Harry Potter or GOT stan, or if you watch kdramas or basically any other series☺️

In The Life Of A Poetess
In The Life Of A Poetess

So I'll be posting my poems here. Some about me, some not. I'm an observant being and believe the lives we pass by touch us in ways we may not have noticed. So I call this my letters to the souls who made me take notice.

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