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I have been mining with my gaming PC. Here is my experience.

By k1llswitch | In BNB we BELIEVE | 22 Sep 2021


We all know what mining is right, no? It is using your GPU's processing power to solve hashes which are needed to mine a certain block.

The hashes needed to mine are in most cases spread around in a "pool" of people which work together to mine a block, and then the rewards are split based on the power contribution amount of said people.

About mining with your PC:

Usually people say that mining with your PC is not good because you damage your GPU, in some cases that is true but the harsh way they say it is simply overexaggerated.

True, your GPU can overheat and cause damage, but most GPU's nowadays throttle back when reaching a temperature outside of the set boundaries.

In theory, if you can reach a stable temperature on your GPU (under 75 celsius) then you shouldn't fear of something happening to your GPU.

About my experience:

Alright now, with all things accounted for, let's set up my pc shall we?

I downloaded a program called NiceHash, yes miners will hate me for not using the miner they use, but NiceHash is much simpler and easier.

Alright now, since i have an AMD card, i should set it to Compute mode, so that i get almost double my hashpower.

The card i have is an RX580 8GB.

I have been using it for about 3 years and mined with it sometimes (almost never) and it still works great and runs all the new games just fine.

Now to talk temperature.

First time i ran the miner it was 75 celsius and my fans were spinning up like crazy.

So i took a different approach, downloaded MSI Afterburner, set my fan speed to 40%, and boom, steadily mining at 55 celsius without a problem at all.

Every night when i go to bed i leave it to mine and then it makes me approximately 1$ in 12 hours (2 in 24).

I don't mind the noise the PC makes and it doesn't ruin my sleep so it is a nice way to make a buck every night.


Should i mine with my PC:

If you want to you can, but don't take my advice, i do not know your pc specs and cannot recommend you anything.

You can just search up your gpu in a profitability calculator and see if it will be worth it on your end.



I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe even learned something new. Stay safe.

Peace out,


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