The Number of Addresses Holding at Least $1 Million in BTC Tripled in 2023 From 23,795 to 81,717.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 14 Nov 2023

As you know, the Bitcoin network is pseudonymous. We cannot know what each user owns in BTC. Indeed, a user can have as many addresses as he wishes.

On the other hand, we can know precisely what each address holds in BTC.

We are therefore frequently interested in the BTC holding of addresses on the Bitcoin network to measure the distribution of BTC wealth over time.

What do we see when doing this work today?


We see that the number of addresses holding more than $1 million in BTC tripled during the year 2023.

These addresses holding at least $1 million in BTC increased from 23,795 on January 1, 2023, to 81,717 at the time I wrote these lines.

The record of 112,573 addresses which dates from November 9, 2021, is getting closer little by little.

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