The 6 Golden Rules for Making the Most of the Bitcoin Revolution in the Future

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 27 Jun 2023

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Next Block is coming!

As you know, there's virtually no stopping the Bitcoin system, which has achieved an uptime of almost 99.99% since its launch on January 3, 2009, by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Whether the Bitcoin market turns red, whether panic sets in among investors or not, Bitcoin continues to function as intended by its source code, which you can check at any time.

You can check everything yourself, both statically (within the Bitcoin source code) and dynamically, by running your node on the Bitcoin network.

When you write about the Bitcoin revolution, the economy, and money daily, as I do, you often have your head in the game, and it can be difficult to take a step back from time to time to see things more globally.

But as I often say: when in doubt, zoom out!

If you take a step back, you'll see, as I do, that Bitcoin's fourth Halving is getting closer and closer. At the current rate of block issuance on the Bitcoin Blockchain, the fourth Halving will take place in just under 300 days, towards the end of April 2024:


While we don't yet know the exact date, we do know at what block height this Halving will take place. It will be at a block height of 840,000 since a Halving takes place every 210,000 blocks issued by the Bitcoin system.

With this Halving, you can expect euphoria just as strong as that of 2020. A phenomenal Bull Market awaits us once again.

Some people will come into the Bitcoin world all of a sudden saying they wish they'd bought some back in 2022 or 2023 when the Bitcoin price was still under $50K....

As always, these people who never take action will express their regrets, when the opportunity is there for the taking. Of course, to take advantage of it, you need to understand why Bitcoin exists, and then act. The two go hand in hand. It's a kind of infinite process, as you learn more about Bitcoin and its impact on humanity every day.

That's why I'm always finding new things to write about Bitcoin.

For those of you who want to take full advantage of the Bitcoin revolution in the future, I'm going to detail 6 golden rules you absolutely must follow. If you follow these rules to the letter, you'll be able to change your life for the better, thanks to the liberating power of the Bitcoin revolution.

That, at least, is my firm belief.

Rule #1: Don't trust anyone, verify everything for yourself.

The Bitcoin slogan is quite clear on this point: “Don't Trust, Verify”.

It's not just an empty slogan. It's one of the deeper meanings of the Bitcoin revolution. Bitcoin allows you to take power over your money and, more generally, over your life. To achieve this, you need to make the effort to check everything out for yourself.

Don't blindly trust influencers or famous people who tell you to do this or that.

I'm including myself in the list here. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. These are just my opinions that I'm sharing with you. Incorporate this information into your thought process, but remain the only master on board when it comes to making your decisions.

For example, I thought the price of Bitcoin would reach $100K by the end of 2021. I was wrong. Throughout the months I was pushing this idea, I made it clear to readers that I had no guarantees to give, but simply a conviction that the Bull Market would go all the way to that level.

I'm wrong from time to time, just like everyone else, and that's why you must remain the only master on board. Do you disagree with an opinion I express in one of my articles? That's great! I love to hear everyone's point of view and then debate it. Use the comments to discuss the subject with me.

That's how you progress in life. By being open to other people's ideas and by listening.

Rule #2: Never sell your Bitcoin.

Some people who don't understand why Bitcoin exists often ask this type of question: “What will you do when the price of Bitcoin reaches $100K?”.

You can replace $100K with $500K or $1M.

To me, this clearly shows that you don't understand why Bitcoin exists, as I've already explained here: 

You Miss the Point With Bitcoin If You Ask the Question "What Will You Do When Bitcoin Price Reaches $1M?"

The aim of the Bitcoin revolution isn't to make you rich, but rather to prevent you from inevitably becoming poor in a flawed system that is not fixable.

It's not in your interest to wait for the price of Bitcoin to reach a certain level, then sell it and return to the fiat system. The fiat system will be just as flawed in 5, 10, or 20 years. If anything, it will be in an even worse state.

Your interest is in taking advantage of the alternative system that is Bitcoin by helping to develop a circular economy centered on the Bitcoin system.

Selling hard money like Bitcoin for weak money like the US dollar is therefore totally stupid.

Rule #3: Only spend your Bitcoin within the circular economy that is developing around the Bitcoin system.

While I think selling your Bitcoin is a mistake you shouldn't make, that doesn't mean you should stay a Bitcoin HODLer for life. Here again, I've explained the paradigm shift you should aim for in the future:

Spend and Replace Your Bitcoin Is the New Bitcoin HODLing

Rather than selling your Bitcoin, you should encourage the development of this circular economy centered on the Bitcoin system by spending your Bitcoin to buy goods and services from merchants and people who support Bitcoin payments.

Do the same for yourself, and try to get paid in Bitcoin if possible. Then you can move on to the next step: Spend and Replace your Bitcoin.

Little by little, you'll be able to get out of the fiat system and free yourself completely from the debt-based system that's enslaving you over time.

Rule #4: The answer is NO. To what? To the question that comes up at every moment of panic: Is Bitcoin dying?

Every time there's a moment of panic in the cryptocurrency industry, which is to be differentiated from the Bitcoin world, you'll see mainstream media asking questions like “Is Bitcoin dying?”.

The answer is always the same. It's short and simple: NO.

Bitcoin isn't going away because the SEC is launching a war against the cryptocurrency industry. As I wrote at the beginning of 2023, this war being waged by Gary “Security” Gensler will benefit Bitcoin in the end, by allowing it to emerge from this mass that was seeing the general public dilute far too much capital.

There is a great deal to be done in the Bitcoin ecosystem to improve the user experience, for example. Just imagine all the products and services that could be financed once the many Sh*tcoins the SEC is after have disappeared.

In short, everything bad about Bitcoin is good for you:

Everything Bad in Bitcoin Is Good for You

Rule #5: No one can give you any guarantees other than those of the Bitcoin protocol.

I've never given you any guarantees on the price of Bitcoin. Only my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Besides, no one can give you a guarantee on the price of Bitcoin. Why can't they? Because it's impossible to predict the price of Bitcoin! Bitcoin is the world's only truly free market. Nobody can give you any guarantees.

The only guarantees you can have are those given by the Bitcoin protocol. In my opinion, however, they are immense:

The 10 Incredible Guarantees the Bitcoin Protocol Gives You in a World More Uncertain Than Ever

I talk about this in detail in my book “The Truth About Bitcoin”. These guarantees are essential to understand, as they are what will bring more and more people on board the Bitcoin revolution to take power over their lives and access the liberating power of Bitcoin.

With supply limited to 21 million units no matter what, this infinite increase in demand for Bitcoin will have a mechanical effect on the price of Bitcoin: it will rise incredibly in the future. But this will only be a positive consequence of all that Bitcoin brings to people all over the world.

Rule #6: Constantly seek to increase your knowledge.

Bitcoin never sleeps. While the Bitcoin protocol evolves at the pace it needs to preserve the Bitcoin revolution over the long term, a lot is happening in the Bitcoin world every day.

So you need to be constantly adapting to understand what's going on and how Bitcoin is changing the world you live in block by block.

If you don't want to be left behind, you must constantly seek to increase your knowledge of Bitcoin, the economy, and money. Following rule 1 to the letter will help you, since by checking everything out for yourself, you'll be constantly learning new things and questioning yourself.

That's how I've been writing about Bitcoin daily for over 7 years now, and yet I feel like I always have new things to tell you. If I always have new things to tell you, it's because I'm constantly learning new things in this universe, whether by reading your comments, exchanging with other players in the community, or reading articles or books.

In this sense too, the Bitcoin revolution is a real life-changer.

This article was published as an NFT on Mirror.

Don't take for granted the word of Bitcoiners who tell you that Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution, but verify it for yourself by developing the knowledge to build your truth about Bitcoin.


That's what I suggest you do in the book “The Truth About Bitcoin: Everything you need to build your truth about Bitcoin and stop trusting others without verifying.”

The book is available on various platforms:


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