Taking a Stance on Bitcoin or CBDCs Will Be a Must for All Candidates in the 2024 US Presidential Election

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 13 Aug 2023

It's an understatement to say that during the 2020 US presidential election, Bitcoin, and even more so CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), were not a topic that excited the general public.

Since then, Bitcoin has come a long way, just as the danger posed by CBDCs has become clearer.

At the time, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was telling us that a digital dollar was out of the question. Even then, we knew that Jerome Powell was lying. Of course, America has long been preparing for a digital dollar. It would be unthinkable for America to leave China alone in this field when several hundred million people are already using the digital yuan daily.

For the worse, of course, since this only reinforces the society of mass surveillance that China has been patiently building since Xi Jinping came to power. Xi Jinping's dream is to avoid any nasty surprises and hold on to power for as long as possible.

A classic of all authoritarian systems.

In 2024, it seems clear to me that every American presidential candidate will be asked about his or her vision of Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and CBDCs.

Robert Kennedy Jr., a candidate in a potential Democratic primary, was the first to take a clear stance on Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and CBDCs.

For Robert Kennedy Jr., Bitcoin is a major innovation that needs to be pushed and embraced. He has also taken a stand against CBDCs, which he sees as a danger to all American citizens.

In short, Robert Kennedy Jr. is the perfect Bitcoiner in the making.

Nevertheless, as I've already said, we must be wary of politicians and their campaign promises. Demagoguery is often the most important weapon for politicians to master, and they'll do anything to seduce more voters.

That's why I told you in May 2023 that the best vote was still Bitcoin:

"Bitcoin Is Poised to Become a Hot Topic for the 2024 Presidential Election. But Don’t Be Fooled by These Demagogic Declarations of Love"

To buy Bitcoin and remain a Bitcoin HODLer is to vote for Bitcoin.

Voting for Bitcoin is simply voting for a world in which people have power over their money and can live their lives on their terms. Bitcoin is on your side, while politicians often pretend to be. Something important to remember.

My idea here is to remind you that voting for a candidate simply because he declares his love for Bitcoin is not necessarily the best thing. Politicians have already proved that they can quickly change their tune when they come to power.

Quite often, the weight of the current system is such that even those with the best of intentions end up doing everything in their power to save the current system, to the detriment of the interests of the general public.

We've seen this hundreds of times before.

That said, I've just seen a table published by Grayscale that summarizes the positions of the main candidates for the 2024 US presidential election regarding Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, CBDCs, and cryptocurrencies:


As you can see, the positions are diverse and varied, ranging from Donald Trump who calls Bitcoin a scam, to Robert Kennedy Jr. who opposes taxing Bitcoin mining activities, to Joe Biden who would like to make money back by looting the Bitcoin mining industry via a 30% tax.

In terms of CBDCs, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are finally finding common ground, as the two likely favorite candidates to oppose each other in 2024 are in favor of a digital dollar, or at least extensive experimentation.

In the end, we realize that the subject transcends the classic Democrat-Republican ideological divide.

Within the same party, you have candidates with opposite positions. You can see this by looking at the positions of Donald Trump and his challenger Ron DeSantis on the Republican side, and between the positions of Joe Biden and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Taking note of these current positions that will be displayed like promises during the 2024 presidential campaign in America is interesting to see what may lie ahead, but as always, never forget that promises only commit those who believe them.

So, you have just two certainties regarding Bitcoin and the US dollar:

These two guarantees should enable you to position yourself to protect the fruits of your labor in the best possible way in the future.

For my part, I've decided to vote for Bitcoin, and I'll be sticking to my decision.

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PayPal has just announced its stablecoin, which will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain with asset freezing and censorship capabilities directly visible within the source code of this sh*tcoin.

When I read the terms of service for this PayPal stablecoin, I see this:

  • Full KYC policy.

  • Custody by Paxos.

  • A stablecoin linked to your PayPal login.

  • PayPal reserves the arbitrary power to reverse any transaction. PayPal, therefore, has the power to do whatever it wants with your money.

  • PayPal asks you to trust that its stablecoin will be backed entirely by the US Dollar. Trust Me, Don't Verify.

All the censorship capabilities of CBDCs, but in the hands of a Big Tech player.

These few characteristics of this PayPal sh*tcoin should alert the general public to stay away from it. Unfortunately, I'm afraid many PayPal users will fall for it.

However, I feel I must do something to help more people understand why Bitcoin is the solution to protect you from the dangers of CBDCs, whether issued by governments or offered by Big Tech like PayPal.

So until August 20, 2023, I'm offering you my book “The Truth About Bitcoin” at 50% off on Gumroad by adding the discount code below at the time of purchase:


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