Take the Time to Analyze Who’s for and Who’s Against Bitcoin, Then You’ll Understand Why Bitcoin Is on the Side of Freedom

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 3 Nov 2023

Bitcoin is Freedom.

You've read this many times before.

It's something I frequently repeat myself. Bitcoin is freedom. Freedom of expression, because no one can confiscate your Bitcoin for arbitrary reasons. Freedom of action, because no one can censor your use of Bitcoin.

Once you have the private keys associated with your Bitcoin in your possession, you have the power.

For some, saying that Bitcoin is synonymous with freedom is simply proof that I'm just another Bitcoin Maximalist. Some even think that Bitcoin Maximalists are toxic. I'm not going to lie to you, some of them are, but that has more to do with their personality than with Bitcoin and its revolution.

Back in 2021, I explained why being a Bitcoin Maximalist was just a matter of common sense:

"Louis Pouzin’s Datagram Story Is There To Remind Us Why Being a Bitcoin Maximalist Is Common Sense"

This idea is still valid.

Once you've understood what Bitcoin can bring to the world of today and tomorrow, it's only logical that you should defend the Bitcoin revolution body and soul. However, I'll always tell you that the choice is yours and that the choice of others must be respected.

So as not to lapse into the toxicity of some, I'm not going to criticize those who prefer gold or other options to Bitcoin. As I tell you all the time, everyone has to do what they feel is best for their interests.

If you focus on everyone's interests, you'll be able to better distinguish why some are in favor of the Bitcoin revolution while others continue to vehemently oppose it.

I took some time to analyze who was for Bitcoin in general. You'll always find exceptions, but overall people in these categories are for Bitcoin:

  • Human rights activists.

  • All those who live in countries under totalitarian regimes with constantly debased currencies and who are poor or unbanked.

  • All early adopters who have made the intellectual effort to study the whys and wherefores of Bitcoin and have discovered the truth about Bitcoin.

  • Energy network experts who see a unique opportunity in Bitcoin Mining.

  • Open-minded environmentalists who go beyond clichés about Bitcoin and study Bitcoin to understand that it's better to seek to take advantage of this revolution rather than fight needlessly.

  • All those who want to promote world peace by putting an end to the incessant wars that weak money like the US dollar, which can be printed out of thin air ad infinitum, fosters.

  • Those who see Bitcoin just as a financial investment that can make them rich, preferably quickly. This category isn't the most positive for the Bitcoin revolution, but it's an obvious entry point, and the important thing then is that as many people as possible who come into Bitcoin to get rich make the effort to study the why of Bitcoin to stay in the Bitcoin world for better reasons.

On the other hand, you have a list of people who are systematically opposed to Bitcoin. These people have a vested interest in seeing the Bitcoin revolution fail:

  • Politicians who take full advantage of the flaws in the current system. They don't want to lose their unfair advantages with a fairer system like Bitcoin.

  • Central or private bankers. They want to keep their grip on the current system because it allows them to control the world through finance.

  • Various media that simply push the narrative of the powerful people at the head of the current system. The amusing thing about these media outlets is that we can see them starting to change their narrative on Bitcoin now that BlackRock or Fidelity want to come into the Bitcoin world.

  • Cryptocurrency founders. Sooner or later, they turn out to be scammers who want to take advantage of the credibility and greed of the general public to make as much money as possible by claiming to have created the next Bitcoin.

  • Environmentalists who maintain backward positions and aren't capable of making the intellectual effort required to understand that the Bitcoin revolution is something to be enjoyed rather than fought for unnecessarily.

  • A multi-billionaire Western elite profiting from the flaws of the dollar system, which enslaves the rest of the world for the benefit of a tiny minority.

  • All those who believe that all problems must be solved by force, and ultimately by war. A return to hard money like Bitcoin would harm their plans since it's much harder to wage infinite wars when the currency can't be constantly debased.

"Bitcoin Will Help Prevent Wars, but It Will Not Be a Miracle Peace Weapon"

This analysis is quick and rather general, but it makes it clear that you have two types of people when it comes to Bitcoin, and that you can sum up the struggle to make the Bitcoin revolution a success as a struggle between those who fight to promote freedom and those who want to maintain the status quo of an unjust system that benefits them.

Nothing says that the Bitcoin revolution will be a success, but as freedom fighters for all, we must do our utmost to promote its values to as many people as possible. It's up to everyone to decide whether they want to be part of a progressive and optimistic movement for a better world for all, or whether they want to remain in a flawed and not fixable system that's getting closer to collapse every day.

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