Signal vs Noise in the Bitcoin world. Remove all the noise, and you will be able to adopt a long-term view.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 21 May 2021

In the Bitcoin world, new entrants must learn to separate the noise from the signal. For me, the real signal is the Bitcoin revolution.

The noise is anything that tries to distract you from the real signal by letting your emotions override your sense of logical reasoning.

The situation we've been experiencing for the past week is a good example of the ambient noise you need to be prepared to deal with.

Elon Musk publishes tweets that create doubt, FUD news comes from China, rumors from unsourced investigations on Binance in the US for money laundering, ...

All this is the noise that is amplified by those who have an interest in seeing the price of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) fall in order to take positions at lower prices.

The strong rebound we experienced when the price of Bitcoin reached $30K on May 19 is the best evidence of this.

To really profit from Bitcoin in the future, you need to learn to take the edge off and focus on the signal. The fundamentals of Bitcoin have not changed. The same goes for Ethereum or Cardano.

If you believed in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cardano a month ago, there is no reason to doubt it today.

You have to take the long view and stay calm. That's how all great successes are built.

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