On the Importance of Learning to Distinguish Your Friends From Your Enemies in the World of Cryptocurrency.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 15 Nov 2023

To successfully benefit from the boom in the cryptocurrency market, you will have to learn to distinguish your friends from your enemies.

Friends are those who will share opinions, ideas, and facts, leaving the power of decision in your hands.

This is the approach that I have advocated since 2016 when I have been in this universe.

I do not claim to have the truth. I have MY truth and I share my ideas and opinions with you so that you can nourish your thought process and form YOUR truth.

It will necessarily be the right one because it will be yours. From the moment you make the effort to think for yourself and decide for yourself, you will have no regrets and you will take full responsibility for your choices.

The enemies are the ones you see appearing in the image below.

You have recognized the crypto influencers who are ultra-popular on YouTube or X. They spend their time making videos with clickbait titles announcing massive upcoming movements, which only happen very rarely. They also take the opportunity to show you their wealth thanks to cryptocurrency to make you dream.

Their goal is clear: to push you to act in their interests. Not yours, but theirs.

These influencers are your enemies. They will never tell you that it is your money that is at stake and that you must make your decisions. They have things to sell you. It is obvious.

To fully benefit from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you need to stay away from these enemies. You need to be able to sort things out by focusing on the real signal rather than the ambient noise that generally takes over in the crypto world.

It's always easier to create buzz with these clickbait headlines than by actually seeking to educate others by simply presenting them with ideas, opinions, and facts.

Yet that’s where your interest lies.

It's up to you to decide as always!

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