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How governments and central bankers will try to force you to use their CBDCs. And why you need to buy Bitcoin while you can.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 3 Mar 2023

You may be wondering how governments and central bankers will go about imposing their Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on you.

Here's what I think could happen.

Governments are trying to kill the cryptocurrency industry little by little with attacks for several weeks in America for example. Other governments will take the same actions.

Then, governments will tell the people that the world has evolved and it is obvious that you need a digital currency. You will say: but we already have Bitcoin!

Governments will tell the general public that only a state-controlled and state-issued digital currency will protect you.

This is a lie, but unfortunately, a majority of the general public will believe it.

However, little by little, it will become obvious that these CBDCs are just a trap for people.

More and more people will refuse to use these CBDCs. Governments will then try to force them on you. How? By trying to attack Bitcoin, of course, but also by gradually withdrawing cash to force you to use their CBDCs.

Over time, CBDCs will become mandatory.

Those who have not taken care to put the fruits of their labor in the most secure decentralized network in the world will find themselves without options, forced to give in to governments and central bankers.

Think this scenario is dystopian? Look at what is happening in Nigeria with the eNaira...

Then you will see that one reality is already apparent: it is essential to buy Bitcoin while we still can. Sooner or later, governments will try to ban you from doing so in order to force you to use their CBDCs.

The countdown has already begun!

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