Bitcoin Needs Fewer Influencers and More People Who Let Everyone Awaken to the Why of Bitcoin on Their Own.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 28 Sep 2023

Bitcoin needs fewer influencers and more people who let everyone awaken to the why of Bitcoin on their own.

Too many people are trying to tempt you with the prospect of exceptional profits, leading you to believe that Bitcoin is above all a matter of money, while Bitcoin is above all a matter of power.

Make a post on the why of Bitcoin, and you will have very few views. Promise in a post that Bitcoin will reach $100K on a given date, and you will get thousands of views. This is a real problem that prevents too many people from understanding the why of Bitcoin, especially from making the effort necessary to understand it.

Where this is detrimental is that at the slightest drop in the price of Bitcoin in fiat currency, too many people will panic, because they have not understood that Bitcoin is a long-term revolution.

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