Bitcoin Mining and Nuclear Power: The Obvious Marriage That Will Benefit the Most People.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 31 Jan 2023

In today’s modern society, energy is the sinews of war.

If you still doubt this, you only have to look at the consequences of the energy crisis caused by Putin's Russian war in Ukraine.

This has only made the inflation that Jerome Powell was promising us as temporary even worse. After several months of rate hikes by the Fed, the situation seems to be on the verge of being contained in America, but beware, with the reopening of China to the world, this inflation could well take off again in the months to come.

The resurgence of inflation means that the Fed's pivot could be postponed and that the price of Bitcoin would suffer in the short term.

However, that's not what I want to talk about here.

If you know that energy is essential to the functioning of today’s modern society, you probably also know that it is impossible to store electricity from nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants are used to convert the energy contained in uranium into electricity. But once your nuclear power plant fleet is up and running, you have to feed it directly into the power grid to deliver it to consumers.

What happens if the supply of power exceeds consumer demand at any given time? Well, that electricity is lost!

In an attempt to stabilize the balance between supply and demand, the managers of the nuclear power plants will try to maintain certain stability between production and needs. However, you can imagine that this mechanism is not instantaneous with a nuclear power plant.

If you can shut down your computer by pressing the off button, it is not so simple with a nuclear power plant. There is a time to start it and a time to stop it. These are not operations that can be done overnight.

The energy stockpile is therefore made by conserving uranium in its primary state for future transformation. But for the electricity produced by the nuclear power plants in operation, there is no real solution.

The key is to see Bitcoin for what Bitcoin is: a solution

Well, when I say there's no real solution, that was before. Because with the Bitcoin system that transforms energy into monetary value, there is a solution at hand now. A solution that Bitcoin's opponents don't want the general public to discover, because it wouldn't fit their narrative.

Yet this solution is essential for everyone.

Since a revolution like Bitcoin cannot be stopped, you will see more and more of this solution used in the future. Electricity generated by nuclear power plants that cannot be absorbed by the power grid can be redirected to the Bitcoin system to keep it running.

More and more American players in the Bitcoin mining industry are considering this solution, and the first American Bitcoin mining center powered by electricity from a nuclear power plant will soon open in Pennsylvania.

The announcement was made this past week and it is awesome news.

Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of independent power producer Talen Energy, just completed the powered shell for its data center powered by a 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power station. The 48-megawatt, 300,000-square-foot data center will be directly connected to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant in northeastern Pennsylvania. The 1,200-acre campus will host Bitcoin mining and cloud computing services.

Cumulus Data and Talen Energy CEO Alex Hernandez said:

“Our flagship Cumulus Susquehanna data center campus is positioned to welcome its first tenant and commence commercial operations this year. We look forward to advancing our mission to solve the energy ‘trilemma’, which we define as the rapidly increasing consumer demand for zero-carbon, low-cost, and reliable electricity by data center customers.”

Other powered shells are in advanced development at this site, and Cumulus Data has identified 19 other Talen Energy sites with the potential for data centers directly connected to the power station.

Needless to say, these facilities are zero-carbon emissions, which is one of the advantages of nuclear power that is so much maligned. Compared to other energy sources, it is worth remembering that nuclear energy has at least 3 major advantages: cost, efficiency and reliability, and safety.

In the coming months and years, players like Riot Platforms, Bitfarms, Marathon Digital Holdings, and Hut8 Mining will seize this opportunity to deploy nuclear-powered ASICs.

By leveraging nuclear power, the Bitcoin mining industry will be able to further improve its ESG goals, knowing that Bitcoin mining is already ahead of other industries in this area. Nuclear energy fulfills the ESG goals of reducing CO2 emissions and diversifying energy sources.

All this while avoiding wasting the surplus electricity produced by nuclear power plants. And on the day when peak demand occurs, there's no need to worry, since Bitcoin miners can easily unplug their devices and return the used electricity to the general public if they need it.

This combination of nuclear power and Bitcoin mining is a win-win situation and demonstrates once again the right approach to a revolution like Bitcoin. Rather than waste time fighting the technological disruption that Bitcoin represents, it is better to seek to take advantage of it for the good of all.

Some are doing it successfully, while others are wasting time, but will embrace the Bitcoin revolution sooner or later because Bitcoin is here to stay.

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