Bitcoin Is Different. Bitcoin is Better. A Reminder.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 3 Dec 2023

Bitcoin is different.

Even Gary “Security” Gensler, the head of the SEC, has admitted this fact on multiple occasions.

Bitcoin cannot be attacked by the SEC.

Satoshi Nakamoto's stroke of genius was to step aside to offer Bitcoin as a gift to humanity.

Without a founder or CEO to pursue, Bitcoin became antifragile.

Bitcoin was launched honestly without a pre-mine.

Bitcoin does not favor insiders. Everyone has the same opportunities with Bitcoin. The difference is that everyone chooses to enter them at a different time.

Therefore, it is frequently said that everyone pays for their Bitcoin at the price they deserve.

No initial investors in Bitcoin. Bitcoin belongs to the people and is a success because of the people. If the Bitcoin revolution failed, it would be the fault of the people who did not know how to seize this unique opportunity that the Bitcoin revolution represents.

No offices, no marketing team, no website, no dedicated paid development team,...

However, one could argue that governments and central bankers have played an incredible role for years in promoting a fairer system like Bitcoin by revealing the flaws of the current system to the general public. Jerome Powell can therefore be considered one of the best sellers of Bitcoin profits for the whole world. Indirectly of course, but all the same!

Seeing the Fed print hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air as if there was no tomorrow made it possible to show as many people as possible the benefits of a system like Bitcoin where the rules are known at once. ahead of everyone and cannot be manipulated arbitrarily by humans. A system where supply is limited to 21 million units no matter what. A system that highlights the virtues of quantitative hardening which must be opposed to the quantitative easing of central bankers.

No human alone can claim to control Bitcoin and its destiny. Everything is done in a community and democratic way within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin is the fairest currency in the world.

What's great for you and me is that Bitcoin is accessible to everyone without any conditions.

No one can stop you from buying Bitcoin. No one can stop you from becoming a node in the Bitcoin network to check everything for yourself. It’s even something I encourage you to do to take control of your life.

Don't Trust, Verify.

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