In 2 minutes - What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

In 2 minutes - What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

In 2 minutes - Bitcoin


In 2 minutes : Kryll, BAT.


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized electronic currency, i.e. they are exchanged from individual to individual, without a central bank in the middle of the transfer. The transaction costs are therefore much lower than exchanging fiat currencies! No one can watch your accounts. Exchanges can be made all over the world!
Bitcoin is free software anyone can access its source code.


How it works ?

Bitcoins can be created and are created by anyone, who wants, thanks to mining software on computers that validates transactions between users, these are paid for each block mining according to the mining power that 'they brought.
They are stored in electronic purses, to send or receive bitcoins, you have addresses composed of numbers and letters which therefore allow transfers, which are made in a few minutes after validation by a minor.


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Bitcoin is an economic revolution!


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In 2 min - What is this crypto ?
In 2 min - What is this crypto ?

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