growth of cryptocurrencies in Latin America

growth of cryptocurrencies in Latin America

Cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technology are in gigantic growth in Latin America, this is due to the lack of regulation
of digital money has caused the economies of several Latin American countries to be involved in scandals with criminal companies,
there is no question of corruption, confidentiality and illicit laundering that plays an important role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies
in Latin America.


The welcome of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at high speed to the region is due to the initiative to fight corruption and theft, to promote
the corporate and promote beneficial public policies.
Statista studies say that the following countries have the most cryptocurrency users in the world: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina
Mexico and Chile are among the main countries (Venezuela did not participate in the study by the drug regime). Meanwhile, United States,
UK, Australia and France were near the bottom of the top 10


Why was it so welcome?

Latin America has been shaken by the financial chaos of recent years, amid unemployment and falling reserves, inflation in Argentina
increased by 53% in 2019 and continues to rise, the rise in prices also affected all countries in the region.


Why am i doing this blog?
I am 24 years old and I have lived 22 in a dictatorship, I don't know anything else and this is my way out to expel everything I feel and
above it is an economic help that in my situation I need it and I will not deny that I have been very well received with
my previous posts and I like that my voice is heard, which is the voice of the Venezuelan people.
Please if you don't like it, don't support but don't throw hate.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like it.

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Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world
Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world

Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world

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