Learn and Earn Free Bitcoin on OKEX Exchange

By CryptoGeorgia | Fair Game | 22 Mar 2021

What if it was possible to both learn about crypto and earn some free Bitcoin at the same time. Exactly that is what is offered by OKEX exchange

Specifically, you can visit 5 educational pages about all things concerning crypto and earn 250 BTC Satoshis every day (50 for every page). 

This is the easiest and most engaging way there is to earn some BTC. 

Just do the following:

1. Register on OKEX Exchange 

2. Go to Free Bitcoin Page

3. Visit 5 pages every day for at least 60 seconds each.

That's all. You are earning BTC and getting some useful and well-presented information about crypto. 

By the way, there are no tests or examinations!

Once you withdraw BTC Satoshis you earned, it won't be sent to some futures account or used for commissions.

It will be readily available on your spot wallet, like this:


Besides, you can continue learning and earning even after withdrawal. 

Don't miss this chance. I have been searching free coins for ages. This is the offer one can't refuse ("The Godfather" fan).

If you have any question, please, leave them below in the comment's section. 

Crypto revolution won't be televised. Get busy. 

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I am crypto investor, but mainly HODLer.

Fair Game
Fair Game

Slowly crypto issues goes from dark net to the mainstream. This process lead both to fruitful and harmful outcomes for crypto funs. Most alarming is problem with scams, pyramid schemes and pumps and dumps. The only way to diminish impact of these challenges is through crypto education, provided by websites like Publish0x, CoinMarketCap Learn and so forth. Do your own research and learn more before engaging - that would be my advise to everyone.

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