The dark and mighty... Pinscher !

By Berien | Imaginary Lands | 14 Jul 2019


A bit of alcohol can transform words you try to pronounce in a dramatic way...

That specific day, the famous and mighty Marvel's Punisher took his heaviest beating ever, and brutally became...

The Pinscher !

Sorry Franck Castle ! :D


On a more serious note : it’s still a WIP, But I think it’s advanced enough to be shared. I’m not really sure a dog lover would recognize a pinscher in that thing, but I had fun working on it… That’ was the main goal:)

It was made with Art Rage, a great natural painting software from Ambient Designs. Worth the try if you like to get a natural feeling while digitally working.


That's all for today, Folks !

Have fun



(I originally posted a variant of this article at my blog and Steemit)

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Abstract and surrealist draftsman and painter. I like long run work in progress, experimenting over and over on the same paintings, until they stop teaching what they wanted to.

Imaginary Lands
Imaginary Lands

Ever tried to explore imagination? I mean ever tried to dive into your own deep inner Chaos, and then travel back to reality with some weird graphical souvenirs that could be shared with other people? OK... Let's do that, and dive into surrealism :)

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