The Gold dome bank reflecting in the windows

By GaryH369 | Images By Gary Holyoke | 10 May 2021

442da86ca53efa14971850dd14da67d28dc3e6751a6c85b5e70190ccb0b1d784.jpgThis is the gold dome bank reflection in the county buildings windows 

The picture was shot on an overcast day with my Nikon 

The photo can also be purchased at Here at my site  

On my site, you will find multiple galleries and a PayPal donate button where any donation would help. I have fallen on harder times than expected. I have been getting in family fights because they do not care or support me doing my photography and I am on very limited income due to disability. I have just gotten a new loft apartment but have lost a lot of personal belongings due to the hardships. I really don't care that my family doesn't support me on my photography my work speaks for itself. If you go to the website in the galleries click on a picture and it opens up to another gallery that is connected to an online storefront.

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I am a self-taught photographer with a website with prints for sale on it. Also contracts if wanted for commercial use. The story of the dove is a question! What, how can I help you? What do we have to do?

Images By Gary Holyoke
Images By Gary Holyoke

Images By Gary Holyoke is my baby hobby project. I have been publishing many photographs on several websites and have many awards on other websites. Later on, through time I will be publishing more blogs on different techniques of my photography that I have self-taught myself. Another site my photography is on is that site you can tip also as seeds or receive tips on your comments.

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