TELECOIN: Anonymous Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency

By Petoz | I'm welcome on board! | 4 Aug 2019


I have discovered that one of the fundamental basic human rights is the right to privacy. But in this era, the right to privacy has been compromised to a certain extent. As a matter of fact, it has almost become impossible to have an absolute privacy with the level of technology that are in place today which have made almost everything done in any part of the world to be revealed and exposed under the guise of statistical records or security monitoring.

I was shocked recently when I just made use of google search on my device and the kind of advertisements that I was getting on my Facebook was in line with the words that I searched on the Google. Meaning that cookies are been used to monitor individual needs and preferences.

I know that even among family members, everybody desires some level of privacy. But privacy has become so scarce to come by in our society today. Sometimes I wonder if I am even safe in my private bedroom discussions. The issue of Facebook compromise of data privacy is still very fresh in mind and Russian meddling in the United State's last election is still generating discussions. So, privacy compromise is a global phenomenon which needs urgent attention.

When it comes to finances, I don't like to be traced to my transactions. I enjoy and practice giving, but I love to do it anonymously. And I believe there are people like me who love to give anonymously too but what we have in our technology today makes almost all the transactions traceable to the giver and receiver.

For some reasons like security, personal and ego, people don't like their financial transactions open to others. As a matter of fact, lack of privacy has made some people become vulnerable attacks. Some people have become imprisoned as a result of lack of privacy in their financial transactions. Others have been exposed to armed robbery or cyber attacks owing to lack of financial privacy.

The Blockchain
From my observation, the blockchain technology has played a major role in tackling the issue of lack of privacy in financial transactions and this feat has offered some help in enhancing privacy but Nevertheless, many Blockchain projects have not been able to offer complete anonymity, there are still leave room for traceability. For instance, transactions on Bitcoin Blockchain could still be traced to the sender and likewise receiver through the wallet addresses. The Blockchain proje that is close to complete anonymity is Z-cash. The question that comes to my mind is; could we have complete anonymous transaction on the blockchain?

TELECOIN: Anonymous peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.


I was glad to discover a Cryptocurrency with complete anonymous transactions which will really serve the purpose of privacy and improve the security of transactions in this 21st Century of globalization and high technological advancements.

I believe that Telecoin is a symbol of freedom to every users as transactions are completely anonymous and peer-to-peer. What this means is that, users can send telecoin to another user without revealing the identities of the people involved in the transaction. This sounds so great to me because it is what I have been looking for all these while.


With the usage of Telecoin, my security is guaranteed as nobody can trace any financial transaction to my account. This is not to facilitate fraudulent activities but to totally eliminate troubles that come with the knowledge of people on one's financial capacity. With Telecoin, users are as free as birds in financial privacy and transactions.

Another thing that excites me about Tele as a platform is the fair governance. Tele operates by Proof-of-Stake algorithm which enables every stake holder to have a say in the governance of Tele. Every stake holder participates in the election and any major change in the overall management. This is quite different from the old form of algorithm that is, Proof-of-work. Proof-of-Stake is an improvement on the Proof-of-work.

Besides, another great thing I see about Tele is the support of the master nodes capacities which also has a fair way of appreciating the collateral givers. The master nodes can operate with at least 10000 TELE as collateral and sixty percentage is returned to the users running the master node. This is a freedom and fair governance in display which goes a long way to strengthen the network.


One more innovative technology that excites me about this platform is Tele-Fone! Tele-Fone is a decentralized mobile phone that gives users the ability to control their digital assets through the cold storage wallet embedded on the device. Not only could users store Cryptocurrencies on Tele-Fone but also store personal files directly on the Blockchain using the device.

To the best of my understanding, TELE is a blessing to the crypto world and the entire world at large with the innovation of completely anonymous peer-to-peer transactions and Tele-Fone which can store digital assets and at the same time store personal data.

TELE IEO is going on Latoken. You can join the moving train and become part of the innovative technology.


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