Introducing Myself

By Petoz | I'm welcome on board! | 10 Jun 2019

I am Peter Ajala Oluwatosin, a public mobilizer and passionate educator.
I'm happily married to my best friend and loves to create good atmosphere around people.

I love blogging because it gives me chance to express my feelings and to be able to touch my readers as well.
I got to know about PublishOx from bountyOx platform

I believe that PublishOx is going to give the leverage to associate with crypto community because I love the blockchain.

I am interested in meeting new people, making friends and impacting community positively through informative and educative articles

It's my utmost pleasure to be here on publishOx.


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I am passionate educator and public speaker who loves to give hope to the hopeless

I'm welcome on board!
I'm welcome on board!

I feel so excited to be live on this platform. Publish0x is a new and emerging platform that is no no to plagiarism. There are many other platforms where bloggers earn but if you check down the line, you will see people leveraging on other's brains

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