As simple as ABC; complete instructions for installing and working with the EDC mobile wallet

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Following the overwhelming response of readers in terms of views, tips and comments, especially on EDC blockchain related posts , I decided to give a break down and step by step instructions on how to download, install and work with EDC mobile wallet application.

For anyone who is just getting to know about EDC blockchain for the first time;

EDC Blockchain is a global multi-currency platform with masternodes that mine EDC token through leasing, based on a hybrid LPoS mining algorithm and using Bitshares 2.0 Protocol that allows instant confirmation of transactions and network voting.

Here is my review of the EDC mobile wallet for your perusal and to get abreast of the features embedded in the mobile application and general overview.

Step by Step to the download and installation of EDC mobile wallet;

Step 1

Download the EDC mobile wallet. The First thing that should be noted is that, EDC mobile wallet is not yet available on the Google play store or iOS. The beta version is the one available and it is very effective. Improvements are being made on the wallet and the good thing about it is that, the improvement will not affect the functionality of the already downloaded wallets and in no distant time, the wallet will be available on Google play store and the rest as it applies.

Download the mobile wallet here and proceed to further instructions.

Above is the view of the landing page to download the wallet after clicking download.

Step 2

Select Android mobile wallet application. Among many others listed app icons, Android and web view are the ones available for download as at this moment. The development of others are ongoing and would be available for download soon.
After selecting the Android wallet, the device will switch into download mode and display the progress of the download process as in example below.

Owing to the fact that you are not downloading (at present) from an established source like Google play store, your device might display that you want to download from an authorized source... Do not stop, click "download anyway" as your device will not be harmed.
When the process is complete it will display it as in here:


Step 3

Install your wallet.
After the download is complete, the next thing is to install your wallet. Some device will automatically pop up the downloaded wallet but others will not, to proceed, check the download file of your device under the file manager as in below;


Then select the downloaded file with AEDC icon.
You don't have to do anything else than to click on the file and the process of installation will begin as in below:


The display of the process of installation will pop up in a progressive manner. The beauty of this process is that, it does not take time to complete. The installation takes few seconds to a minute to complete.


What you have displayed next the information that the process of installation is complete! Viola! You have your EDC mobile wallet installed already. Then you can click on done or open to proceed to registration.


Step 4




For someone who is registered on the EDC web wallet, what is required is the Brainkey which is 16- system generated words given at the point of registration that must be securely kept and the password. Input the Brainkey and the password correctly and the EDC wallet will be opened.



For someone who is new to the EDC blockchain or do not have EDC wallet and wishes to have, will complete a simple registration which takes just a moment to complete. The information required include the username and password. The Brainkey will then be generated by must be jealously kept and there and then, you have your EDC mobile wallet installed!


Working with the wallet

There are numerous operations that could be performed on the mobile wallet, one of them is sending and receiving EDC blockchain coins.


Coins could be sent out from the mobile wallet and could also be received without any hassle.
The beauty of the mobile wallet app is that, you don't have to be typing and retyping the web address as in the case of accessing the web wallet and also, it is free from phishing because your wallet is mobile and ever ready on your device.
Here is an example of a simple and successful transaction of EDC coins been transfered through the mobile wallet application.


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