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(JaiChai) If they are so smart, why did they give it such stupid names? - Musings on AI

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Ever since money eliminated the need for everyone to "know a little about a lot" just to survive (e.g., how to bake your own bread, raise livestock for meat, make and mend your own clothes, etc.), specialization became more profitable than acquiring additional general knowledge or mastering outdated, unnecessary skills.

Professional experts became the rock stars of society and the "head in the clouds", "Jack of all trades, master of none" renaissance men quickly faded into the background.

Two generations later, people had effectively been conditioned to believe that all things labeled "specialized" means they're a level above or meet a higher standard than the ordinary, "general" version of it; like a stronger, more powerful 2.0 model of modern tech that is capable of running circles around it's 1.0 predecessor.

That's why the names given to the different types of AI are instantly confusing to us mere mortals (laymen).

I mean, even though the abstraction may functionally be correct, what's the point in labeling AI that specializes in one topic or skill as the "Weak" AI and naming the AI possessing no specific focus as "General" or "Strong" AI?

IMHO, only rocket scientists, curious polyglots and OCD-stricken patients without their meds will bother to dig deeper for the basis of this oxymoronic classification system.

So, here's a message to all you genius AI developers and AI site webmasters out there:

If you want more people to linger and learn instead of glance, scratch their head, yawn and quickly run away, you might want to start with changing those stupid AI names!

[This rant submitted for entertainment purposes only.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai


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