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Re: The Good-Bad-Good Sandwich

Whenever I had to chew out a subordinate's ass, I knew that a bad taste tends to linger.

And in a culture like the military where anyone can make your coffee taste like sh*t, I tried to avoid future mouth fulls of that brand of java.

Anyway, if I could, I'd praise in public and reprimand in private.

This "counseling session" starts with something "good", anything I could point out that was positive, then stating any shortfalls in performance (the "bad").

Next came advice or suggestions for better choices in the future; while emphasizing the consequences of repeating the "aw sht or fck up" again.

Lastly, I ended with a "good".

Maybe it was my faith in his ability to carry on smartly; or maybe it was the bennies awaiting consistent compliance, whatever.

In the end, I did my job and avoided shooting myself in the foot.

The subordinate was afforded the respect befitting any human being and maybe, just maybe, would do the same for his people in the future.

Re: Life - as I know it - being a consumer of Social Media


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The problem with being a consumer of social media is that we are always in a "subordinate" role; that is, we have no command authority, settling for voicing our pleas and concerns in an open, public forum.

Afterwards, we can easily be met with our own echoes, chastised for complaining or branded as a heretic.

But I have hope.

The Torum Team has always been responsive to me and IMHO, acted with integrity.

I mean, remember when they made everyone whole after the NFT/Binance (I think?) debacle?

One could argue that they should have picked a better platform; but even then, the network congestion from simultaneous hockey stick activity of other projects is something no one could have envisioned.

I must be tired from staying up all night (suffering from insomnia - again) 'cause I just read what I wrote and am severely unimpressed.

F*ck it, submitting anyway.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai


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