(IJCH) Pondering My Anti-Procrastination/Preliminary Survival Plan for WWIII (and Prospering Afterwards)



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(Meaning: My Warped, Personal Opinions and Musings)


From the Author:


I am JaiChai.

And if I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you before, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance now.


I invite you to interact with everyone, learn, and have as much fun as possible!

For my returning online friends, "It's always great to see you again!"


Background: Pub Talk


Last night, a friend of mine at the bar asked, "What do you think would happen and what would you do should there be a WWIII?"

Not really knowing what to say, but remembering how flighty my friend's long-term memory was, I said, "Ask me again after a few beers."

Surprisingly, about an hour and a half later, he asked me the same question again.

Imagine that?

I frowned and rested my chin in the "V" of my thumb and forefinger and said this:

OK. Here's The Scenario


If the AI resulting from "The Singularity" or an asteroid doesn't dispose of the Earth-killing human race, I suspect that the next World War will be cyber-based, utilize race-targeted designer bio-weapons, and employ region specific, focused EMP arrays.


Consequently, I predict the following scenario will happen:


Mass starvation, extensive displacement of whole populations, billions of casualties from exposure to the elements, and global skirmishes over the scarce supply of drinking water and fuel.


My Anti-Procrastination/Preliminary Survival Plan:


Ensure that I have full blockchain copies of all my favorite cryptos.


Wait it out in my lavish, well stocked, Prepper style, toroidal energy with solar backup powered, air-gapped internal computer networked, underground bunker or in my off-the-grid, high-tech Faraday cage habitat (similarly equipped like my bunker and also fully stocked for a 12-24 month stay - depending on the number of residents).


When the big die-off has subsided, reestablish comms (mostly radio wave based) and assist in/participate in the new crypto/unlimited toroidal energy economy.


My friend listened intently, then said, "Whoa! That's an awesome plan, dude! BTW, what the Hell is a toroid?"

"In mathematics, a toroid is the surface of a revolution shaped torus-like structure. Picture it as having a hole in the middle of a surrounding tube - like a doughnut. This forms an ongoing energy field around an electromagnetic body. It happens to be the shape of every energy-emitting thing in the universe. Fringe people like myself believe that it's the key to generating unlimited, free energy," I said, matter-of-factly.


In spite of the obvious look of confusion on his face, he said, "Ah. I see. I guess that makes sense. I think?"

Of course, within another beer, he forgot all about it.


By Jaichai.

May you and yours be well and love life today.


Really Appreciate You Stopping By.

Truly hope to see you again!

About the Author


Believing that school was too boring, he dropped out of High School early; only to earn an AA, BS and MBA in less than 4 years much later in life – while working full-time as a Navy/Marine Corps Medic.

In spite of a fear of heights and deep water, he performed high altitude, free-fall parachute jumps and hazardous diving ops in deep, open ocean water.



After 24 years of active duty, he retired in Asia.

Since then, he's been a full-time, single papa and actively pursuing his varied passions (Writing, Disruptive Technology, Computer Science and Cryptocurrency - plus more hobbies too boring or bizarre for most folk).

He lives on an island paradise with his teenage daughter, longtime girlfriend and three dogs.


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I'm a single papa actively enjoying my varied passions (e.g., Writing, Disruptive Technology, Cryptocurrency, plus more hobbies too bizarre for most folk). I live on an island paradise with my teenage daughter, longtime girlfriend and three dogs.

(IJCH) Life, People, and Philosophy
(IJCH) Life, People, and Philosophy

IJCH - Inside JaiChai's Head (Meaning: My Warped, Personal Opinions and Musings on Life, People and Philosophy)

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