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Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" - NSA Hubris Leads to the Ultimate Ransomware Scenario!


I read this exciting book in less than three days.

Many elements in the book are personally fascinating.

For example:

  • Personal Information Theft Awareness

  • Cryptography

  • Enterprise Malware Defense

  • Advanced Computer Hardware Design

  • Game Theory

  • A Satoshi-like, programming genius

  • Strong, believable cast of characters

  • Bureaucratic Road Blocks

  • Assassins

  • Unconventional Security Personnel

  • Geo-Politics

  • History and Discussion of Nuclear Weapons

Fiction Reflecting Reality



Similar to other "Alphabet Agencies", the NSA is yet another high-value, single point of failure entity that represents an irresistible target to all sorts of private (or nation state backed) hacking groups.

Dan Brown's book clearly shows how dangerous, fragile and vulnerable most of our largest, high-impact organizations really are - simply because they are centralized, vertical hierarchies.

Digital Fortress


Digital Fortress is a techno-thriller novel written by American author Dan Brown and published in 1998 by St. Martin's Press.

The book explores the theme of government surveillance of electronically stored information on the private lives of citizens, and the possible civil liberties and ethical implications of using such technology.

When the United States National Security Agency's code-breaking supercomputer TRANSLTR encounters a revolutionary new code, Digital Fortress, that it cannot break, Commander Trevor Strathmore calls in head cryptographer Susan Fletcher to crack it.

She discovers that it was written by Ensei Tankado, a former NSA employee who became displeased with the NSA's intrusion into people's private lives.

If the NSA doesn't reveal TRANSLTR to the public, Tankado intends to auction the code's algorithm on his website and have his partner, "North Dakota," release it for free if he dies, essentially holding the NSA hostage.

The agency is determined to stop Digital Fortress from becoming a threat to national security.


Torrent Links to the ePub and Audiobook versions of "Digital Fortress"

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Digital Fortress - Dan Brown - Complete [Unabridged] (Audiobook)


https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/19739058/Digital_Fortress_- Dan_Brown-Complete[Unabridged]

Dan Brown - Digital Fortress (Audiobook)



Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (ePub)



Digital Fortress by Dan Brown (ePub/Mobi)



Enjoy the book. I sure did!


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