(IJCH) Graham Hancock - 10 "Coincidences" that support his Theory of the Origin of Human Civilization

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Graham Hancock - Controversial Figure and Critic Magnet

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Graham Hancock has been called a genius and a charlatan.

In true anti-Graham Hancock fashion, here's how the Rational Wiki describes Graham:

Graham Hancock (born 2 August 1950) is a British pseudoarchaeologist and pseudoscientist, most noted for writing a number of books surrounding the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, as well as other ancient monuments.

...as with many other cranks, Graham Hancock does not believe in global warming. Is this any surprise considering how at odds he is with real intellectuals and academics?


Graham Hancock - Prolific, Best-Selling Author

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Introduction from Graham

After years of travelling, exploring archaeological sites and rummaging through puzzles in ancient myths and legends I have found many reasons to suspect that the orthodox theory of human prehistory – the one that is taught in all our schools and universities – is seriously in error.

The theory takes many different local forms with endless variations, but the backbone in all cases is the same: an entrenched belief system about the human condition and about our collective past in which modern advanced civilisation is seen as the product of thousands of years of linear social and technological evolution – “onwards and upwards,” as my friend John West likes to caricature the orthodox view, “from stupid old cave men to smart old us."


Graham Hancock - Gifted Speaker, A Voice That won't Be Silenced

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Whether you love, hate or couldn't care less about Graham Hancock, his theory of a "Lost Civilization" being responsible for everything that we now enjoy in today's modern civilization continues to be controversial; while slowly accumulating support from other fields of study.

Here is the video that TED took offline.

Then after a huge public outcry over censorship, TED put it back online, BUT it's hard to find because it's buried within nested directories.

And if you google "Graham Hancock YouTube", you'll find hundreds more well produced, provocative and entertaining videos.

Here are some of the more recent ones:

"New Graham Hancock Update 2018 Suppressed Ancient Civilizations"

"Magicians of the Gods Lecture by Graham Hancock at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey"

10 "Coincidences" that support his Theory of the Origin of Human Civilization

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The following is a short 10 Item List of Coincidences I've compiled during my research on Graham Hancock that appears to support his theories about the origin of human civilization:

(The items on this list are not prioritized in any order of significance. And by no means is this list an exhaustive reference.

There are plenty more "coincidences" out there that will make many people question the generally accepted, conventional theories about our civilization's origin AND age.).

  • In spite of being separated by vast distances and time, the blatant similarities of creation and cataclysm stories found in every ancient culture's text around the world.

  • The Younger Dryas Impact Theory (12,800-11,600 years ago) from Geology.

  • The recent discovery of the 11,600 year-old Göbekli Tepe site (Turkey) and the water erosion evidence that suggests a MUCH OLDER age for the Great Sphinx and Pyramids.

  • Plato's pinpoint date (11,600 years ago) that marked the submergence of Atlantis which coincides with exactly the date when the Ice Age (end of the Younger Dryas) was coming to an end.

  • J. Harlen Bretz Spokane Floods, Channeled Scablands Theory where the dates for the cataclysmic flood jibes with the previously mentioned theories.

  • The same dates stated within Immanuel Velikovsky's Colliding Planets Theory.

  • Electric/Plasma Cosmology which aligns and overlaps Hancock's theory in many instances.

  • In spite of the invention of Earth's longitudinal lines in the late 1600's, numerous maps that are centuries older - which were transcribed from even older maps - exist that depict accurate longitudinal lines.

  • Although we did not discover all planets in our solar system until the late 1700's (or later), ancient Sumerian pictographs portray our complete solar system.

  • Lastly, the precise astronomical alignment of ancient structures with the stars and the Earth's Compass Points (e.g., the Great Pyramid is accurate to within 3/60 of a degree!) - not to mention the unexplained construction methods of multiple megalithic monuments around the world.

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For more information about Graham Hancock, visit his website at:


Graham is normally very active and responsive to his friends' inquiries on his facebook page:



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I'm a single papa actively enjoying my varied passions (e.g., Writing, Disruptive Technology, Cryptocurrency, plus more hobbies too bizarre for most folk). I live on an island paradise with my teenage daughter, longtime girlfriend and three dogs.

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