(IJCH) Bent out of shape over plastic straws? Seriously!? And I suppose you think saccharin is bad too?



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Bent out of shape over plastic straws? Seriously!? And I suppose you think saccharin is bad too?


Sure, litter is a worldwide issue.

And to confound things even more, people are still stuck in the 1960's "down with plastic" mindset.

Erroneously, they still believe all the past propaganda (e.g., "Plastic - it's poisoning our babies!", etc.).


Imagine this.

Unbeknownst to most people, the widely held belief of the toxicity and health hazards of plastics have since been debunked.

In other words, from the beginning, BPA has gotten a bum rap.


What is BPA?



Bisphenol A (BPA) is an organic synthetic compound with the chemical formula (CH3)2C(C6H4OH)2 belonging to the group of diphenylmethane derivatives and bisphenols, with two hydroxyphenyl groups.

It is a colorless solid that is soluble in organic solvents, but poorly soluble in water. It has been in commercial use since 1957.


Decades of studies since its demonization in the '60s shows that its ban was totally unwarranted.

The Dosage is the Poison


OMG! There's saccharin in this!?


No need for alarm.

Similar to BPAs, saccharin studies were inherently flawed; that is, generalizing animal studies where >1,000X normal dosages/exposures is just plain stupid and alarmist.


And let's not forget that animal biology can greatly differ from humans.

For example, eating chocolate can give dogs arrhythmias (and sometimes, death) depending on the size of the dog and the amount of chocolate ingested.

This is because they don't possess a lot of the enzyme required to metabolize chocolate properly.

Consequently, a chemical in chocolate called theobromine can accumulate and overwhelm a dog's normal physiology.


Humans easily metabolize theobromine, but dogs process it much more slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system.


What can happen to the dog next?

With large amounts, theobromine can produce muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack.

The onset of theobromine poisoning is usually marked by severe hyperactivity.



Back to the truth about saccharin...

We are not rats! That's why saccharin can't harm us!


Rat's urine is highly acidic; hence, the "rat trails" I would find with a fluorescent lamp while rodent hunting onboard ships, in mass barracks, and in military grain depots.


Consequently, high doses (I'm talking mega-doses) of saccharin caused crystals that lead to bladder cancer; while having no affect on human urine and bladders.

Nevertheless, saccharin was banned in 1981, and not until recently (2014), saccharin had long been considered carcinogenic because it produced bladder tumours in rats.

Saccharin is now unbanned, with more than 100 countries worldwide legitimately allowing saccharin as a food sweetening additive...


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Believing that school was too boring, he dropped out of High School early; only to earn an AA, BS and MBA in less than 4 years much later in life – while working full-time as a Navy/Marine Corps Medic.

In spite of a fear of heights and deep water, he performed high altitude, free-fall parachute jumps and hazardous diving ops in deep, open ocean water.

After 24 years of active duty, he retired in Asia.

Since then, he's been a full-time, single papa and actively pursuing his varied passions (Writing, Disruptive Technology, Computer Science and Cryptocurrency - plus more hobbies too boring or bizarre for most folk).

He lives on an island paradise with his teenage daughter, longtime girlfriend and three dogs.




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I'm a single papa actively enjoying my varied passions (e.g., Writing, Disruptive Technology, Cryptocurrency, plus more hobbies too bizarre for most folk). I live on an island paradise with my teenage daughter, longtime girlfriend and three dogs.

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(IJCH) Life, People, and Philosophy

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