Top Things You Should Know About Presearch (PRE)

Top Things You Should Know About Presearch (PRE)

What is the funniest story behind pre-search development?


When we launched our crowdsale, we opened the portal to buyers, and then we were surprised that no orders arrived.
It turned out that so many people tried to register that they overwhelmed the email service and none of the email verification links were able to get out, so people were unable to register and complete orders.
We realized what was happening after about 5 minutes of frenzied debate, then we removed the verification requirement and the orders started to flood. It was absolutely crazy!
Colin Pape said



What are the main milestones reached by Presearch so far and what is in the future?

Presearch had a successful group sale in 2017, raised over $ 7 million, and got some great consultants for the team.
They then launched a product as planned on November 9, 2017, which has since become one of the top 5 blockchain projects on the web for traffic.

They have developed an anti-abuse system to limit the impact of people trying to play the system.
They created multiple browser extensions and mobile apps that now receive over 10 million queries per month.
And they recently closed the cycle of their token economy with, their keyword staking platform.
There are plenty of other great things in between, but those are some of the highlights.
Going forward, they are driving mass adoption and see the project as one of the main access ramps to crypto for ordinary people, and are targeting 5 million registered users by the end of the year.
They have a new mobile application for iOS around the corner, and a series of interesting product developments aimed at enabling them to reach more users.


When it comes to competition, DuckDuckGo seems to be the closest. How Presearch is better?


When it comes to competition, DuckDuckGo seems to be the closest. How Presearch is better? Yes, DuckDuckGo is likely the closest competitor, although there are plenty of privacy-focused search engines that are successful, including Qwant, StartPage, Searx. Search is a massive and lucrative space, and there is room for many players. Apparently, DDG is on track to generate $ 1 billion in revenue this year.
They differ in two key ways:
They reward people with PRE tokens when they search.
As I mentioned, they have a crypto integration that gives people information about blockchain projects when they search for them by name.
Plus, they make it easy for users to switch between many search engines and specific deep search resources like CoinMarketCap and Etherscan.
Also, because it is configured as a multiple search UI, they can actually work with any of these different engines, and there is even a tokenized revenue opportunity for the engines to appear in Presearch.


Is it difficult to explain to regular non-crypto people what Presearch is and what are the benefits of using it?

The easiest way to explain Presearch is to say that it is a search engine that pays you when you use it and that also respects your data and privacy.
Most people can understand it, and then you can strike up deeper conversations and answer their other questions from there.
The beauty of this project, and why it has so much use, is that everyone is looking. It is one of the main activities on the web, and it is something that everyone understands.
Unlike many blockchain projects that are very difficult to understand, are strictly aimed at developers and technologists, Presearch is fairly basic, has a functional product that creates value for people, is already profitable, and is a gateway to crypto for new users.



Can the team ensure that Presearch will continue to rank first in the search engine field and stay ahead of its competitors in the future?

They already have a significant advantage as being the pioneers and one of the only functioning token ecosystems, with a real closed-loop supply and demand token economy.
They have all the elements they need to grow quickly. Many people are still not using Presearch, or have tried it and need a reminder to check it again. They target more than 5 million users by the end of the year, which will require an aggressive growth strategy.



What types of partnerships has Presearch already achieved?


Partnerships are definitely important, as long as they are really functional partnerships and not just ad-oriented, although those have a place too.
Obviously, an ideal partnership would be with Brave, and they are actively seeking it.
They were recently contacted by Unstoppable Domains because they saw a great opportunity with Presearch, and there are some strong synergies there.
They plan to partner with Everipedia to replace our Wikipedia integration with theirs.
They have invested in a project called RightMesh that is building a mesh network platform that could really help decentralize Internet access.
They are being addressed on a more regular basis due to their significant user base by both crypto projects and traditional companies. contacted them and made a call with them. There are some great synergies there.
They are just getting started and are excited to work with many different organizations to help spread the word about decentralized search.
One of the biggest opportunities is that they can provide branded and personalized search experiences to different communities (interest-based and geographic) so they can have their own unique version of Presearch tailored to their members. Community leaders and influencers can promote their specific implementation of Presearch in their network and earn PRE while creating value for everyone.


What are the opportunities that the Presearch Keyword Search ad platform offers affiliate marketers?

The main driver of PRE's demand is its new keyword staking platform (
This system allows you to bet your PRE against a word or phrase and whoever is betting the most will show your ad when a user searches for that term in Presearch.
They have a current promotion where all traffic received from now until January 2021 is free! Therefore, no cost per click or cost per print. It's a pretty compelling offer for anyone promoting or spreading the word about a business, an affiliate offer, or even a cause they endorse.
Right now, they really focus on capturing value for the token economy there and generating ad demand by increasing the user base.


What differentiates Presearch from other projects?

For one, they have a product that non-technical users can use every day. People love the symbolic rewards and the functionality of the platform.
This has led to a real use of the platform which really separates them.


Is there a reward limit every time I continuously search through the "Dsearch" search engine?

Yes, the limit is 8 PRE per day, currently 0.25 PRE per search. They run regular promotions to increase the number of PREs per search, and recently they double-promote PREs for searches through Dsearch. Ultimately, search rewards will likely decrease as the token becomes scarcer and more valuable.


How secure is Presearch? Is it enough to keep users safe, reduce the risk of losing money and personal information?

They do their best to limit the information collected as a first step, and they use error rewards and continuous penetration testing to protect the information they have. They leverage the ethereum blockchain and rely on its security model to protect the token.


What technology / architecture and consensus algorithm are you using?

They currently use ethereum, do most of the microtransactions in a traditional database, and then distribute them in bulk to the blockchain. They will likely end up switching to a different blockchain as their needs and mature technology become more clearly established.


What is the advantage if we have long term PRE?

The demand for PRE will only increase as the user base grows and becomes more profitable through innovations such as keyword staking.
Presearch is one of the main access ramps to crypto for normal people :), so they will probably introduce many people to blockchain: wallets, browsers, etc.


Presearch currently has 1.25 million registered users and approximately 300,000 active users who visit the site more than 11 million times per month.

Each user who creates an account receives up to 12 default search providers that come pre-installed. Being pre-installed makes a user significantly more likely to use a provider, as they do not need to go through the customization process, and receive brand visibility right on the Presearch homepage.


*sorry if i repeat a couple of questions i want to emphasize to make it clear that it is presearch



Ultimately, the vision is to create a framework for a truly decentralized, open source, and transparent search engine that works with web crawlers that operate on user-run nodes that will crawl the web while browsing and will be rewarded in PRE. This information will then be processed by another node layer that will create the data index, and served on a decentralized platform like IPFS.
Experts in the field will be able to participate in the creation, presentation and preservation of information, while designers will be able to create different UIs to visualize data that users will be able to choose.
They envision a platform that takes advantage of active personalization, where you specify your preferences and control that information, rather than passively collecting it and making inferences about you based on your behavior.
This will allow people to reach their highest personality, rather than their most basic personality, as they currently do with Google and others.
They will preserve the user's privacy and allow them to control their data, while being rewarded for helping to build this powerful ecosystem.



How to level up in Presearch?


The levels will determine the amount of Tokens that you can withdraw and these in turn are based on your search activity.

The platform implemented this system to distinguish between those who use it simply to collect tokens and those who are using it according to what it was created for.

In short, the more you search the more level you will have and the more level you can withdraw more. It is just a matter of having a little patience to withdraw 100% of your tokens.


How much PRE can you earn with Presearch? How to earn PRE in Presearch?


Searching for Presearch users receive 0.25 tokens for each search they make using the site or the browser extension.

In other words, for every four searches carried out through Presearch, we obtain 1 PRE Token.

However, as a way to prevent abuse and obtaining unlimited Tokens, you will only receive the payment of your first 32.

$0.026494 USD 
0.00000278 BTC 
0.00011261 ETH 



Cap. de Mercado
$4,029,495 USD
423.33719524 BTC
17,127 ETH
Volumen (24h)
$239,606 USD
25.17286833 BTC
1018 ETH

How is PRESEARCH different from Google?

It is a very ambitious project. Google is one of the best companies in the world and the
number 1 on the Internet. Improving your results, experience and integrations will not be a feat
little; many even say that it is impossible.
However, at Presearch they believe that collectively the community can creatively and
grace your own search needs from scratch and create an open search engine and
surprising that it is aligned with the interests of humanity, not just a company.
The strategy with Presearch is to start the project and establish the basic principles of consensus that
will allow the community to build a search engine that serves the world in the coming years


Is the PRE token a security?

According to Presearch, the PRE token should not be considered a security, as it is considered a utility token based on Ethereum technology and is not classified as a security, digital currency or merchandise. Furthermore, considering that William Hinman, an SEC official, stated that he does not believe Ethereum is a guarantee it adds to the fact that PRE would also not be considered as one.

However, the regulation is not yet clear and we will have to wait for some official guidance from the SEC to fully trust that PRE will not be considered as a security in the future.


Can the PRESEARCH token be extracted?

Not the sale of the first investors was divided into 5 different lots, each with a different number of tokens and price point. The final sale of Lot 5 tokens opened on November 14, 2017 and lasted until November 30,
time at which tokens were unlocked and can be transferred to third-party wallets for safekeeping. Once the Pre-Sales were completed, there were 250 million tokens minted and put into
circulation. This number gradually increases over time as the rewards set tokens are minted and distributed to Presearch users according to the Rewards platform, and when the Team tokens are released over a period of 3 years. This number gradually increases over time as the Rewards set tokens are minted and distributed to Presearch users according to the Rewards platform, and when Team tokens are released over a period of 3 years


Where to buy the PRE token?

Presearch is listed in Exchanges as KuCoin, HitBTC, YObit and CoinExchange.


How do you get rewards from PRESEARCH?

Members are rewarded with tokens for using the Presearch system. I know
will provide the basic reward levels for searching using the Presearch platform,
with higher rewards provided by sponsored engines who will be able to pay more for
the use.



Is the basic PRE token an ERC-20?

If Ethereum ERC20 Standard, the PRESEARCH token is an ERC-20 token that is created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that you can actually store your PRE in any ERC-20 compliant wallet, giving users a wide range of different wallets to choose from.


How many PRE tokens are there?



Presearch Tokens (Tokens) (PRE)
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 pre-mined; 250,000,000 at the time of the sale of the
first token (token)
Release / Unlock Date: November 30th, 2017 at 12:01 am EST

Outstanding shares
152,092,714 PRE
Total actions
500,000,000 PRE


What is  token PRE used for?

The Presearch PRE token is the key medium of exchange within the ecosystem of
Presearch and is used for the following purposes:
1. Reward members for the use, contribution and promotion of the platform.
2. To purchase sponsorships and promotional locations.
3. To reward partners who have provided traffic and visibility to Presearch.
4. To have contributions in community affairs.
5. To finance development projects undertaken by the community


Who and when created PRESEARCH?

The legal entity is a Canadian corporation, Global Limited., Which is
was established on July 7, 2017. Colin Pape an Nolan Dubeau are a fundamental part of the development of Presearch the Project Leader
Colin who is a serial entrepreneur who founded the community trading network, In 2011, Colin found himself involved in a battle with Google and
realize that the world desperately needs a search engine
open and transparent. And Nolan Dubeau Product Development Leader Nolan's career as a web developer led him to work with CRYPTOCard,
Mercedes-Benz and JDS Uniphase, and held positions as Creative, Interactive Director at XM Radio and Vice President of Engineering at Guardly, a company
VC-backed technology.

How to withdraw from PRE?


The developers as a security measure established a minimum limit to withdraw their users, once you reach 1000 tokens you can withdraw the accumulated balance on the platform.

Withdrawals in Presearch
It should be noted that once you reach 1000 tokens you enter a review process in which they will verify that you have used the platform in the same way that you normally use Google. At this point of insurance you will be asking yourself, how to charge? How to withdraw the tokens? Well let's start with their official page where they make it clear that the current limit of withdrawals or withdrawal is 1,000 PRE to start, this because they are starting and while they must perfect the system against abusive practices, indicating that this limit will probably decrease over time and at the time Just as when you can make this first withdrawal, you will be notified by email.

When you are notified and you can make your first withdrawal, you must have an eWallet or electronic wallet where you can transfer your cryptocurrencies. In an Exchange it is the electronic site where you will see its current value, be it in dollars, euros, bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies inclusive and it is here where you can sell them.


What is PRE used for?

 Presearch aims to build a next-generation search engine that is powered by its community. Presearch funds operations through what it describes as a 'transparent, unobtrusive advertising system' that enables advertisers and users to stake PRE on keywords. By doing so, they get to display advertisements on those keywords in the search results.

Presearch is 100% free to use and Presearch rewards its users with PRE tokens for using Presearch like any other search engine. The office is located in the Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. According to Presearch, it has over 1.3 million users and one of the next steps of Presearch is to grow bigger in North America

Where to buy PRE?

KuCoin, HitBTC, YObit y CoinExchange.


Where to store PRE?

PRE to any Ethereum compatible wallet that recognizes ERC20 tokens


Where to sell PRE?

As all Presearch Token holders, they will be able to transfer their PREs to any
Ethereum compatible wallet that recognizes ERC20 tokens, token holders will be able to sell
actively your PREs to any company or person interested in sponsoring results of
Holders can sell PREs to potential sponsors at any price the seller
decide for your token inventory. Any person or company with a product for
Selling is a potential customer for PREs, in particular local companies,
advertising and marketing, or big brands.



In principle it is a decentralized open source search engine that rewards community members with Presearch (PRE) tokens for using it, contributing and promoting this platform.

It was born as an option to the power that is currently concentrated by Google, which controls 77% of searches carried out on the internet, influencing trillion dollar expenses, as well as in the trends of results.

It seeks to position itself among web workers and in future versions of the open source platform, it will use indexing on the blockchain, powered by its own PRESEARCH community.


How does Presearch work?

Through an intuitive platform, which by the way is in the English language, but very easy to understand, we are shown a box, we will use this to carry out our searches.

Under this bar, there are icons for Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Twiter and other search engines that you can customize where it says customize. I also recommend you install its extension either for Google or Firefox.

You will earn cryptocurrencies for doing your daily information search activity on the internet, that is, you must use its search engine daily, as you would with Google, and you would already be accumulating cryptocurrencies.


Presearch How to earn cryptocurrencies?

This community is currently booming so making dollars daily is super easy and without investment, we are going to see three options:

To earn your first 25 PRE tokens, you must register. Registration is very simple, click on "Sign Up Now", enter a valid email address, a password, click on "I have read and agree ...," and click on I am not a robot, click again on "Sign Up Now ”, Then you verify the verification email in your email and finally you return to the PRESEARCH page again and you can enter with your credentials.


You will earn 8 PRE tokens daily, for your web search activities, for this you must perform 32 searches daily.

You will also earn 25 additional PRE tokens, for each referral that is registered through your referral link, you should know that the people you refer must be active for 60 days and accumulate 100 or more PRE tokens in their search activities, so that they are validate this gain.


Token Ecosystem

Tokens can be purchased during the Presearch Token crowdsale
Tokens will be issued to early adopters to reward usage and promotion of the platform
Token-holders will be able to vote on decisions, suggest / fund dev projects
Devs will receive tokens for contributing to features / projects
Advertisers will be able to purchase targeted, non-intrusive, keyword sponsorships with DSTs
Together, we can provide Internet users with an alternative to the search hegemony that dictates where most of us learn, engage and spend our valuable attention and resources.

Token details

Maximum cap on crowdsale 200,000,000 tokens Total token supply
1 billion (1,000,000,000)

5% sold in pre-sale
20% sold to early adopters
30% for future public sale
30% allocated for distribution to reward usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform
15% retained by the dev, marketing and community teams
Standard Ethereum ERC20 token Purchase methods accepted BTC and ETH




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