Now you can earn LBRY TOKENS (LBC) by uploading content in Spanish

Now you can earn LBRY TOKENS (LBC) by uploading content in Spanish

With much to say LBRY LATAM is now available, which is the same platform only translated in Spanish to highlight the Spanish speaking community. The mission of Anabell Hilarski, a member of the LBRY LATAM team, is to find original and creative content.

LBRY LATAM is live. The url for the Spanish LBRY portal is We all ask ourselves this question, "Why do we need a special portal for the Spanish-speaking community?" The answer is given by Michael Mitnick and is to further decentralize LBRY and offer a portal where Spanish-speaking users know that their content will be the top priority.

According to Michael Mitnick, one of the representatives of the LBRY Latam team, the new version was released a couple of weeks ago with the main reason to provide the entire community in Spanish with exclusive content in that language so


“users can be aware of the latest posts from your favorite content creators while also discovering Spanish content from others. ”


The Spanish version is the first instance of LBRY that is exclusively launched in a language other than the native English of the Blockchain platform, which is expected to be extended to other languages ​​in the near future.


“We seek to be a friendly and close community extension in the same language with LBRY Latam. Likewise, users can continue searching for content in other languages ​​on without any problem. ”






According to Mitnick, all the content indexed as metadata is the LBRY blockchain works equally on all instances and clients, and the login data on the platform in any of the LBRY domains continue to work the same regardless of the domain , including information regarding your internal wallet. was born with the idea of ​​competing against centralized content platforms such as YouTube or Amazon, which allows the reward in the native currency LBC of the Blockchain platform on which the immutable and decentralized access of all its content is guaranteed.

This often means that Spanish-speaking users will not see content in their language. So LBRY INC has decided to open different LBRY portals and one of the first is LBRY LATAM. This will make LBRY LATAM more welcoming to new users. All content found on LBRY will be available to LBRY LATAM users.

For the past few weeks, the LBRY LATAM team has been working closely with LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman. The team is made up of Anabell Hilarski (Panama), Gustavo Silva (Mexico) and Michael Mitnick

It is worth noting that LBRY LATAM is the same platform as its global version, only translated into Spanish to highlight the Hispanic community. In addition, the version includes all the functions of its English counterpart such as synchronizing your YouTuube account in LBRY and sharing content on the decentralized platform.

With the recent increase in censorship on YouTube of content and users dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies, the content platform has been a key place for many 'influencers' to offer their censored channel on the alternative platform, without worrying about being objects of closure or disconnection due to the technological nature on which it operates.




Also with the New York Times now set to criticize anyone arguing anything contrary to The Narrative, it's worth noting that you can post on LBRY completely anonymously

Since to use LBRY privately, we recommend the LBRY Desktop application. By default, the LBRY desktop app will not share account or analytics data with LBRY, Inc. or third parties without specifically enabling it.

For a maximally private experience, you should also use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect your IP address. This will allow you to use features such as retrieving content data, posting, purchasing, tipping, and other transactions anonymously. Depending on the VPN features and network configuration, hosting data may not currently be possible, but this is an area of ​​active development.

Please note that if LBRY is used anonymously or privately it is not eligible for rewards.

LBRY has seen exponential growth in views and users in recent months after the launch of and the continued censorship of content creators on platforms like YouTube. LBRY is fighting for your freedom of expression and offering you a way to create cryptocurrencies. Why not join the decentralized revolution?


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Regarding the Spanish-speaking region, Mitnick was emphatic in noting that the Spanish-speaking community in LBRY has grown incredibly in recent months and that the LBRY Latam team will continue to support that growth to establish a "flag" in the region.

To the respect Or did you mention that the global platform growth numbers of are quite flattering. Last April, the latest user activity report registered more than 2.5 million visits to the platform and so far in June alone, more than 200,000 publications per week have been registered on the global platform.

"Be on the lookout for announcements because there will be contests," plus updates. At Lbry latam "We need content creators in Spanish who share all kinds of topics, examples: food, cryptocurrencies, beauty, motivation, experiences, etc." said Anabell Hilarski member of the LBRY LATAM team


If you already have a blog on YouTube you can synchronize your account in LBRY and your content will be shared on the platform.



It is important that you do not forget to use the tag: spanish or español.


  • How to win 2000 LBC TODAY?


LBRY is offering 2000 LBC to any creator who wants to make a video on this topic.

a comparative video between LBRY and another platform

Make the video. Whatever conclusion you come to is fine (i.e. there is no need to speak well of LBRY) as long as you don't actively express anything wrong about LBRY.
Post it on LBRY and the platform you're comparing to. Add the #lbryvs tag (you can also add #lbryvsbitchute, #lbryvsdlive etc.)
Tweet on @LBRYio and the platform you are comparing to with a link to the video and using the same hashtag (s) mentioned above. If you don't use Twitter, you can send an email to with a link to her video and a screenshot of you posting about her elsewhere.



  • How do I create a channel?


Open  LBRY

Click on the cloud with an arrow pointing into it in the top right corner.


Select New Channel in the dropdown menu.


Once your name is selected, there is a Deposit section that is below. It requires a minimum bid of 0.00001 LBC (see more on deposits here). Please ensure that you have enough LBRY Credits in your wallet to cover the bid amount. There is also a small network fee associated with the creation of a channel.

Click Create channel once you have entered your bid amount. You now own lbry: // @ channelnameyoubidon (the vanity name without a claim id) if you are the highest bidder.

How do I customize my channel?
First, you need to access your channel from your Publishes page by clicking on it.


You will now see an edit button next to the name. Click the button to proceed to the edit page.edit1

You can now upload your thumbnail and cover image to using the upload option from the dropdown on the left, or you can use an existing URL. If using select the file, then click the upload button. The page will update once a valid URL is available.


Add your title, deposit (can stay the same, higher helps with discovery), website, email, description, and tags.

Click Submit.

How do I delete my content and reclaim my deposit?
Click on the Publishes tab from the rightside of the app.

Select the content you want to remove from LBRYContent

Click on the Delete icon.


There will be two options. Delete this file from my computer and Abandon the claim for this URI. Select the option that applies. Abandoning your claim will release the LBC back into your wallet (99% of the time you want to select this).

Warning: Deleting content is permanent. Please make sure this is what you want to do before confirming the deletion.

Click Remove. If you abandoned your claim, you should see the deposit back in your balance shortly.
How do I edit my existing published content?
Click on the Publishes tab from the right-side of the app.
Select the content you want to update.
Click Edit.
You can now edit your claim information. No need to re-select the file if it's the same one or has the same url.
When you are done, click Save.




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