If you survive the pandemic and have this amount of Bitcoin, you would be part of the richest 1% in the world.

Hello Family, welcome today I will touch on a topic that is too interesting, that is why i am sure that this will interest you too.
I will talk about how much Bitcoin you need, to be 1% in terms of Bitcoin wealth around the world.

I'll tell you quickly, in the near future to be part of the richest 1% of the entire planet in terms of Bitcoin, you would need to have only 0.28 BTC friends, but I will show you that you only need 0.0028 BTC to make a big difference in your future, since if you divide the 21 million Bitcoin between 7.7 Billions of people the result is 0.00272727 BTC.

¿So how much do I need to be at 1% today? You only need to have 0.28 BTC, according to an analysis it has been reported that only 2% of Bitcoin wallets have 1 Bitcoin or more, obviously there are also people who can have more than 1 Bitcoin and have it expanded in several wallets.
So even if it is 2% of Bitcoin's wallets, maybe they are controlled by several by a single person, so it is not necessarily 2% of total people.

Where does this 0.28 satoshis come from? I will explain the 7.7 billion people of the population that exist in a global total, the total 1% of 7.7 Billions is 77,000,000, if we divide 21,000,000 / 77,000,000 = 0.27272727 BTC.

This is if it were evenly distributed among that 1%, so by maintaining that 0.28 sats you are ensuring a place in the 1% in terms of wealth in bitcoin, since all those who are above that amount enter the 1%, you would be Basically in the lowest part of the 1% pyramid, but you would be part of the 1% with only 0.28 sats, because only 1% of the population could have that amount.

So friends, now you have one more piece of information to finally realize how scarce Bitcoin is and how little you need to make a big difference now in your life. 0.28 sats today is equal to an approximate of $ 2582.33 USD, it is not small but it is not even close to the total value of 1 Bitcoin, which today is valued at 9,222.59 USD, you do not need to acquire 1 full BTC, you can go accumulating little by little as time continues to run.

For you to make a significant difference in the future as I told you you only need 0.028 sats.
Look at this graph in detail, by 2030 the average holdings (the average content in a Bitcoin wallet) is calculated to be 0.02 BTC, you will not even need this 0.28 BTC that I mentioned before, you would only need 0.02 BTC that They are approximately 184.45 USD today, it is not bad for it to be worth it in the future.



In my opinion you lose much more not investing 1 cent in Bitcoin, than entering a small amount, because Godzilla (Bitcoin) continues to destroy everything that is put in front of it. This would be one of the most important decisions for your future. So now you know keep accumulating, continue with that persistence, don't feel bad for not having 1 Bitcoin or 100 Bitcoins or 1000 Bitcoins, if you keep accumulating today you will make a big difference. Well, every time it will be much rarer for 1 person to have 1 complete Bitcoin, keep accumulating and trust you. You have to have a mindset of taking Bitcoin to your grave.

Look at this example. One of the biggest Bitcoin exceptions is Peter Schiff. Yesterday, July 13, he made a survey on his Twitter account.

Schiff asked how long it will take to trade four-digit bitcoins for investors to sell their assets.

Even though the Twitter poll has 15 hours remaining at the time of writing until it is finished, almost 60% of voters (17,685) say they will take him to his grave. You can see the survey below. The cryptocurrency has succeeded in trolling the well-known skeptic while trying to discredit investors to no avail.



The most popular answer was probably not what Schiff was looking for when he tweeted.

Of course, this is a Twitter poll, so it doesn't mean anything in the long term, maybe it's an indicator of at least half the truth?


Before finishing I will give you a clearer example ok.


Rich dad Poor dad author Robert Kiyosaki had said that investments in real estate and gold may not be the future of finance as cryptocurrencies are starting to gain more attention.
In an interview earlier this month, he said that traditional investments like gold and real estate will be overtaken by cryptocurrencies.

Kiyosaki said:

"I think it is important, especially for old people like me, to understand the world of cryptocurrencies because that is the world that is emerging right now and we, the real estate and gold world, are being eliminated."



The author's prediction comes after gold hit its highest price in nearly 10 years on July 9 of this year as it broke above the resistance level  key $ 1800.

But as the coronavirus continues around the world, economic fears increase and allow the federal reserve to print more money, which has led many traders / investors to look for alternatives to invest.

Undoubtedly the following months will be the most interesting, we have to be prepared for any situation.


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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

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Welcome to the most persistent family

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